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BioWorld Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report 2008

This expertly written report effectively evaluates the biotechnology and pharma drug market on the grounds of innovation, growth and FDA approvals and provides a critical analysis of both industries principal products, as well as the active and evolving biotech/pharma relationship.

The biotechnology drug market is doing well, but big pharma's sudden interest in big molecules is turning out to be the predominant factor determining the future of the biotech therapeutics industry. This report analyzes that dynamic, in addition to other issues, such as regulatory, R&D, drug pricing, biogenerics and even financing matters.

BioWorld Today's newest edition of the Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report delivers the history, topical business-in-progress and the prospective outlook of the rapidly maturing biotechnology market that finds itself navigating in a first-of-its-kind market environment for any industry: Big pharma on one side and biogenerics competition on the other side. Anyone involved or interested in this unique market needs the comprehensive and relevant data and analysis that the Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report offers.

Highlights of coverage include:

  • Revenue rankings of each drug
  • Indications
  • Disease description & statistics
  • Chronology of development through approval
  • Patent expirations
  • Competing drugs on the market and in development
  • Secondary indications in development
  • Partnerships involved in the drug
  • Projection of the drug's short-term future
  • Prevailing trends in drug development
  • Evolving pharma/biotech relationships
  • Biosimilars impact

These drug profiles span a wide range of disease indications, including cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases and blood disorders. Chart- and table-focused sections of the report also lend themselves nicely as supporting data for company reports and presentations.

Charts and tables include:

  • All biotech drugs approved over the last 20 years
  • Comparative values of biotech and pharma markets
  • Revenue generated by the top 100 biotech and pharma drugs
  • Leading biotech pipeline candidates

By combining more than 250 pages of drug history, product life-cycle analysis, industry trends and company data, the BioWorld Top 25 Biotechnology Drugs Report provides the perfect resource for understanding the current state and future of the biotechnology drug market.

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