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DUBLIN – European biopharmas have made a sleepy start to the new year, but with spring on the way, two transactions unveiled Friday could be harbingers of more activity to come. The scale is modest. Shield Therapeutics Ltd. took in £32.5 million (US$47 million) and Karo Bio AB, meanwhile, will gross SEK250 million (US$29.6 million) in a discounted share offering.

LONDON – The EMA has released new guidelines for companies developing drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease, reflecting increased understanding of disease pathology and the availability of new diagnostic tools and biomarkers.

OXFORD, U.K. – The increasing level of funding dedicated to the commercialization of university research is indicative of progress, but the U.K. is not quite there in terms of translating knowledge that is the fruit of publicly funded research into real benefits.

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