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Reason Free from Passion? That’s Not Biotech

SAN FRANCISCO ‑ At this week’s BIO Investor Forum in San Francisco, there was talk of how the biotech industry has squandered money, paying for infrastructure when it should have been paying only for development and continuing to fund programs…


What’s in a Biotech Name? It’s Greek to Me

OK, you’re a biotech entrepreneur and you’ve found some interesting new technology. You’ve secured some seed funding, found some lab space and filled out all the appropriate paperwork for a business license. All’s that left to incorporate your brand new…


Will Dendreon’s Slide Force Cancer Vaccines Out of Style?

Back in 2008, biotech companies working on cancer vaccines were not exactly shouting it from the rooftops. In fact, most companies working in the space quietly began branding their drug candidates “immunotherapies” when they met with investors in an attempt…