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The next episode of the American horror story

You’ve likely heard the terrified screams induced by the cost of pricey cancer drugs, Gilead Sciences Inc.’s twin hepatitis C therapies and Vertex’s cystic fibrosis breakthroughs. And you may have been rattled by the nightmarish predictions about how a new…


Old dogs and new tricks: The real-world consequences of excluding older adults from drug trials

How much time do you spend with old people? That’s a loaded question, of course. Age is a relative term, since we age every day and so does the world’s population. Even though the global median age was estimated at…


Is it Better to Forgive and Pharm-merge?

Aug. 5 was International Forgiveness Day, and the founding organization of this annual effort, Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance (WFA), says in its mission statement that a goal is to promote and publicize the research findings that show forgiveness creates better health,…