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Old dogs and new tricks: The real-world consequences of excluding older adults from drug trials

How much time do you spend with old people? That’s a loaded question, of course. Age is a relative term, since we age every day and so does the world’s population. Even though the global median age was estimated at…


Capturing cancer drugs’ true value calls for clear thinking

As the biggest names in cancer care gather at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s 50th annual meeting in Chicago, talk of the exorbitant cost of new cancer drugs is no doubt echoing in the halls of McCormick Place. Outrage…


Mystic moldy pizza: Food for thought from Allicense 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – When talking trends in biopharma there’s no shortage of metaphors – Tuesday’s health care debate, for example, went for the timely baseball terms, referencing singles and home runs – or oft-overused industry buzzwords, of which the recent…