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Better Rx needed to treat drugmakers’ PR malady

Biopharma has a bad PR disease. The diagnosis is pretium offensus, otherwise known as “sticker shock.” The infectious condition has two causes: enormous, inexplicable, overnight price hikes and six-figure drug prices that spread from headlines to become a viral meme…


Where’s Rube Goldberg When You Need Him?

What’s the difference between Congress and a Rube Goldberg contraption? They both use convoluted processes to accomplish a simple task, but the Goldberg invention still manages to keep the end result pretty simple. And while there may be some unintended…


Caught in Its Own Snare

A hunter walks into a bar and says, “Did you hear the one about the FDA?” “You mean the time it shot itself in the foot?” the bartender responds. “The left foot or the right foot?” another hunter asks, wiping…