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U.S., EU biotechs shouldn’t dally on oft-cited ‘China strategy’

SUZHOU, China – Global intellectual property lawyers and consultants are quick to advise U.S. and European biotechs that they need a “China strategy” – guidance that usually generates a response akin to Scarlett O’Hara’s famous “I’ll think about it tomorrow”…


Biosimilars are Changing the Global Game

I recently took a few months off from daily deadlines to explore the evolving world of biosimilars for the newest BioWorld Data report, The Biosimilars Game: A Scorecard for Opportunities, Threats and Critical Strategies. It was quite an eye-opening adventure….


A Stifled U.S. Biotech Sector: Is it Too Late to Recover?

BOSTON ‑ Amid all of the excitement that comes with the biopharma industry’s largest annual gathering in Boston this week, I’m worried about the future. The U.S. has lost too much ground ‑ due to the obvious partisan gridlock in…