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It’s How You Look at the Vial

What’s in a biosimilar name? That depends on whether the vial is half empty or half full. Seeing it as half full, many generic makers focus on the similarities between a follow-on and its reference biologic. Because of those similarities,…


Omontys Recall Rings Alarm Over Biosimilars

Despite what the New York Times and its echoers have said, makers of innovative biologics have legitimate reason to sound alarms about automatic substitution of biosimilars that have not proven their interchangeability – and it’s not just because of the…


Biosimilars are Changing the Global Game

I recently took a few months off from daily deadlines to explore the evolving world of biosimilars for the newest BioWorld Data report, The Biosimilars Game: A Scorecard for Opportunities, Threats and Critical Strategies. It was quite an eye-opening adventure….