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Drug pricing: Are we paying for efficacy or innovation?

What if we paid professional athletes only when they won? What if spectators got their tickets refunded whenever the home team lost? That might make that $1,300 Super Bowl ticket a little easier to purchase. And, hey, perhaps that might…


He Said What?!?! Best Biotech Quotes of 2011

As BioWorld Insight readers know, our “Word on the Street” column provides a sample of the most entertaining and thought-provoking quotes our staff stumbles upon each week. Some are gathered during interviews, some gleaned from analyst reports, and some overheard…


The Good, the Bad and . . . the Huh? A 2011 Biotech Recap

The past year brought the biotech sector a mixed bag of news. Some of it was positive – for instance, the FDA picked up its drug approval pace in 2011 and, in some cases, even surprised the most hardened biotech…