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Mystic moldy pizza: Food for thought from Allicense 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – When talking trends in biopharma there’s no shortage of metaphors – Tuesday’s health care debate, for example, went for the timely baseball terms, referencing singles and home runs – or oft-overused industry buzzwords, of which the recent…


Defining Specialty Pharma: What is it, Can it Innovate, and Does it Matter?

The article I wrote last week for FierceBiotech on the relationship between Series A funding and innovation led to an interesting discussion with Bruce Booth, partner at Atlas Venture and biotech blogger extraordinaire. The crux of my article was this:…


Licensing or Acquisition? Big Pharma Shares How They (and YOU) Decide

When I was at the Biocom Global Life Science Partnering Conference last week, one of the more interesting debates I heard was about whether it’s better to in-license an asset or acquire the whole company. While every case is different…