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Lessons learned from You-Know-Who

Duchesnay Inc.’s 15-minutes of fame for its morning sickness drug arguably turned into a few hours’ worth by time the drugmaker complied with an FDA warning letter demanding a corrective ad to offset the omission of risk information in paid…


Talk to your doctor: How even annoying DTC ads can contribute to patient communication

A few years ago I went to the nearby immediate care with a minor but irritating cough that wouldn’t go away. Three visits later – after two utterly ineffectual rounds of antibiotics and a prescription for a cough medicine that…


A little irony here? FDA’s technical difficulties on social media webinar send folks a’Twitter’

For more than five years, the FDA was criticized for failing to provide clear guidance on how drug developers could use social media without running afoul of its marketing restrictions. Last month, the agency finally came through with two crucial…