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Biotech Series A Funding Up in 2011 . . . But There’s a Catch

Despite the fact that private biotechs raised just $1.76 billion in the first five months of 2011 – putting this year on pace to be not only worse than last year, but worse than the dreaded low of 2008 –…


The Blame Game: BioPharma CEOs Shouldn’t Be Scapegoats

By Ilene Schneider, BioWorld Perspectives Contributing Writer Biopharma CEOs sometimes pay for the sins of their companies. But is it fair to single out just one person when the failure of the company, or the unethical behavior of the company,…


Making CEOs the Scapegoat

When it comes to making biotechs toe the line on drug promotion, public guilt and humiliation aren’t working. Neither are multimillion-dollar corporate fines. They’re just the cost of doing business these days. And yanking an offending company’s Medicare participation hurts…