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What Would Albus Do? And What Should We?

There’s a story, sometimes used to illustrate the difference between counseling and research psychology, about a man who pulls out one, then a second, then a third drowning person out of a river. When he sees a fourth, he starts…


The Biotech Toddler Argument: “Chilling Effect on Innovation” Overplayed?

In last week’s issue of BioWorld Insight, our esteemed Washington editor Mari Serebrov wrote an article titled, “Shorter Exclusivity Could Carry a Hefty Price Tag.” In it, she quoted sources who are very concerned that reducing the current 12-year exclusivity…


Biotech Dating, Marriage, Divorce . . . and the New Alternatives

Marriage is both heaven and hell. So it goes with people and so it goes with biotech firms racing to bring new drugs to market. Faced with up to $1 billion to bring a drug from idea to patient, funding…