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Omontys Recall Rings Alarm Over Biosimilars

Despite what the New York Times and its echoers have said, makers of innovative biologics have legitimate reason to sound alarms about automatic substitution of biosimilars that have not proven their interchangeability – and it’s not just because of the…


Don’t Call Them Generics!

When the FDA’s Rachel Sherman said the biggest challenge the agency faces with biosimilars is educating the public, she wasn’t exaggerating. An article in the New York Times shows just how big of a challenge it’s going to be. The…


Extra! Extra! Leukemia Treatment Purposely Misses Holy Grail!

This week’s report of remissions in three advanced leukemia patients after immunotherapy has generated quite a lot of excitement in the media – which, in turn, has led to some backlash amongst the twitterati and in the blogosphere, noting that…