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How to Pitch BioWorld: Five More Tips

If you read our post earlier this week (Top 5 Tips for Pitching BioWorld), you know what kind of news BioWorld Today covers. Here are five more helpful hints regarding how to work with us: How to contact us. Our…


Top 5 Tips for Pitching BioWorld

After six years in biotech PR and five years as a biotech journalist, I have both written and received a heckuva lot of pitches. I know how hard media pitching can be, and I always try to take the time…


HCV Trials Face Daunting Challenge

Recruiting subjects for ongoing Phase III hepatitis C virus (HCV) trials just got a lot harder. Even if the FDA doesn’t step in and force a change in the standard-of-care control arms after last week’s Antiviral Drugs Advisory Committee meetings,…