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BIO International Convention 2017

SAN DIEGO – Although "it's going to be a bit of a bumpy road" and the process "won't be as pretty as we would like it to be," clinicians have reached "a point where I think we can start to mix and match the appropriate mechanisms" of immuno-oncology drugs to fit individual patient needs, said Tim Reilly.

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Global research efforts reveal how Zika spread

LONDON – A multinational effort to sequence and analyze 174 Zika genomes has shown exactly how the virus spread across the Americas and demonstrates how whole genome sequencing could be applied in the surveillance of disease outbreaks and to rapidly identify conserved viral DNA that can be targeted by vaccines.

The research, published in a series of papers in Nature and Nature Protocols, found that in each of the regions where Zika circulated the virus was undetected for many months before any cases were reported.



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