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Art of prediction needs re-sizing, too

"In our minds, you really need [growth hormone] to be small and unmodified," Jonathan Leff, chief medical officer for Ascendis Pharma A/S, told BioWorld, since such therapy must "get out of the bloodstream, penetrate into small nooks and crannies such as bone growth plates, and adipose tissue that's poorly vascularized."

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While advocacy to raise awareness about mitochondrial diseases around the world is ongoing, these efforts get a boost each year during the third week of September, which is dedicated to Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. Its aim is to increase the spotlight on the need for more research to uncover new therapies. 

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ApoE, tau interact directly in Alzheimer's disease

ApoE variants are the strongest known genetic risk factor not just for Alzheimer's disease (AD), but for any disease. It was first described just about 25 years ago. "And I've worked on it since then," David Holtzman told BioWorld.

In those 25 years, it has become clear that individuals with at least one copy of the ApoE4 variant, rather than ApoE3 or the protective ApoE2, have drawn the short stick in pretty much every aspect of the disease. They are more likely to develop AD in the first place, they do so at a younger age, and the disease progresses more quickly.



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