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On the eve of the next round of user fee negotiations, MDUFA and PDUFA received scathing grades for their unintended consequences and negative impact on drug and device innovation. Overall, the five-year agreements scored a -3, on a scale of -10 to +10, according to a Medical Innovation Impact Index alert issued by the Initiative for Patient-Centered Innovation. more »

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No brainer: FTO's effects on weight are peripheral effect

In genomewide association studies (GWAS), a variant in the gene FTO is the strongest obesity-correlated signal in the human genome.

Since it was first flagged by GWAS seven years ago, though, why FTO is so strongly linked to obesity has remained a puzzle.

Now, scientists have dissected the cellular circuitry that is affected by FTO. Their work both suggests new obesity targets and could serve as a general roadmap for how to understand the effects of variants in noncoding regions of the genome.