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Leveraging new tools calls for greater role for physicians and patients

While patient engagement is firmly at the epicenter for health care initiatives and research efforts designed to speed the development of new cures, the American Medical Association (AMA) is reminding lawmakers that the physician voice also needs to be heard from ground zero. more »

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Blocking antioxidant pathways stops tumors in their tracks

Antioxidants seem to be on a Bill Cosby-like downward spiral from wholesomeness to villainy.

The newest accusations can be found in the Feb. 9, 2015, issue of Cancer Cell, where scientists reported that antioxidants drove both the initiation and the progression of tumors, and that blocking antioxidant pathways could destroy tumor cells.

Because they scavenge free radicals, which induce DNA damage as well as other damage in cells, antioxidants were once thought to protect against cancer.

That idea, however, has not held up to scientific scrutiny.



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