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Topoisomerase 1, known for its role in unwinding DNA during transcription and the target of chemotherapy drugs Camptosar and Hycamtin, plays a role in coordinating the innate immune response, and inhibiting it could be a therapeutic strategy in diseases characterized by excessive inflammation, scientists reported in the April 29, 2016, issue of Science.

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B-cell receptor could be antitumor target

Peptibodies targeting the B-cell receptor might provide a cancer therapy that is personalized to specific tumor cells but can be produced in a relatively automated fashion, making the production of such individualized therapy a realistic possibility.

Preclinical work describing the approach appeared in the April 25, 2016, online issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

B cells have a truly unique surface protein – their business end, the B-cell receptor or idiotype, which is different on every B cell.

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