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'The best option for us'

Comparing the expansion of a young biopharma to the maintenance of a home, Terry Rosen, CEO of Arcus Biosciences Inc., pointed out that "If you think you're going to sell your house in six months, you put on a fresh coat of paint and new hardware on the doors. But if you're going to stay for 30 years, you fix everything inside the walls."

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New chemical class puts malaria between devil and the deep blue sea

Researchers have identified a chemical class, the hexahydroquinolines (HHQs), that were effective both at killing the malaria parasite both in the stage when it causes illness, and the stage when it is transmissible from humans to mosquitoes.

They also showed that resistance could and did develop against the HHQs.

"If a parasite gets resistant to these compounds, they become hypersensitive to the drugs that are currently in clinical use," David Fidock told BioWorld. "You set up this very nice competition."



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