"There is an unmet need that requires governments to develop strategies to help increase the understanding of biosimilars, to support successful market formation and to unlock value to help fund health care for their citizens."
Sumant Ramachandra, senior vice president and chief scientific officer, Hospira Inc.

"We believe the time is right now to extend the personalized health care approach and the benefits it brings, to all therapy areas."
Ruth March, vice president of personalized health care and biomarkers, Astrazeneca plc

"Moderate to long-term technological forecasting is fruitless; it is almost certainly going to be wrong."
Steven Pinker, Harvard professor, at the BEINGS 2015 conference discussing bioethics in cell-based technology applications

"Biotech is not creating new problems. It's just breathing new life into issues of identity and difference that we've dealt with for a long time."
Ubaka Ogbogu, of University of Alberta, speaking at the BEINGS 2015 bioethics conference

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