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ActiveCare (Salt Lake City) said that through a contract with Colorado Choice Health Plans (Alamosa, Colorado), ActiveCare will not only be monitoring diabetics, but hypertension and congestive heart failure members. This contract will add an additional 1,500 to 3,000 new members to ActiveCare's monitoring program.

"ActiveCare is excited about our relationship with Colorado Choice, one of the premier third party administrators in the western region," said Michael Acton, CFO of ActiveCare. "This relationship was instrumental in allowing us to reach our current membership base of approximately 14,000. This contract is also projected to grow significantly over the next twelve months."

Colorado Choice is also optimistic about the relationship with ActiveCare. "Colorado Choice is always looking for ways to deliver the highest quality care to our customers by using leading edge technology," said Cynthia Palmer, CEO of Colorado Choice.

ActiveCare is a telehealth and personal emergency response company.

Colorado Choice Health Plans is a nonprofit organization that has been providing quality, affordable health coverage to Coloradoans for 40 years.

In other agreements/contracts news:

In what it calls an effort to provide the best patient care possible, Western Maryland Health System (WMHS; Cumberland) reported the integration of B. Braun Medical's (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) Outlook 400ES Safety Infusion System. After exploring numerous infusion pump options for their hospital, WMHS selected B.Braun's Outlook 400ES System for its ease of use, wireless reporting and safety features.

The medical center's new infusion system now enables improved patient safety and streamlined patient care, as well as enhanced communication between nursing and the pharmacy, through the use of its unique barcoding capabilities and dose monitoring software known as DoseTrac. Electronic barcoding matches the pharmacy-prepared medication to the patient's infusion pump, while dose monitoring software helps clinicians monitor the appropriate use and dosing of medications. These two patient centric safety features are designed to help clinicians ensure that the right medication is given at the correct dose and is delivered to the right patient. It is estimated that hospital patients are subject to at least one medication administration error per day, with 35% of errors causing significant harm due to infusion therapy pump programming errors.

WMHS's new B.Braun Outlook 400ES Safety Infusion System provides wireless access to real-time infusion data, enabling both nursing and pharmacy staff to monitor medication administration remotely from any point in the hospital. Pharmacy staff can supervise dosage and frequency of use per patient remotely, ensuring the proper handling of each medication. Additionally, WMHS's pharmacy has enhanced operational efficiencies by improving just-in-time ordering through the real-time view system feature.

• Oregon Health & Science University's Knight Cancer Institute (Portland) will work on human tissue research with Organovo Holdings (San Diego).

Organovo makes functional, three-dimensional human tissues for medical research and therapeutic applications. The team will develop in-vitro 3-D cancer models that could lead to new cancer therapeutics.

While animal models and cancer cell lines are used to identify and test potential drugs, those methods have known limitations when it comes to predicting clinical outcomes.

Keith Murphy, Organovo's chairman/CEO, said in a release that the Knight group "is consistently on the leading edge of cancer research, delivering true therapeutic breakthroughs" such as Gleevec, on which OHSU's Dr. Brian Druker worked. Druker oversees the Knight Institute.

• Integra LifeSciences Holdings (Plainsboro, New Jersey) was awarded a three-year group purchasing agreement with the Premier (Charlotte, North Carolina) healthcare alliance. The agreement includes Jarit surgical and laparoscopic instruments, Ruggles- Redmond neuro/spine instruments, Padgett reconstructive and plastic surgery instruments and sterilization containers.

"We are very pleased that Premier has selected Integra as a contracted supplier for our instruments and sterilization containers. This complements another agreement we signed with Premier in 2012 for our award-winning Luxtec LED Surgical Headlight System, intended to limit uncertainty by ensuring their membership has access to our broad portfolio of quality products," said Dan Reuvers, Integra's president, surgical instruments.

Integra LifeSciences offers solutions in orthopedics, neurosurgery, spine, reconstructive and general surgery.

Premier operates a healthcare purchasing network and maintains a clinical, financial and outcomes database.

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