• Thermedx (Solon, Ohio) has received FDA market clearance for its surgical fluid management system. Its 37-5 Fluid Management System enables users to manage and/or warm up to five fluids used to irrigate surgical sites during urologic, gynecologic, orthopedic and general surgeries, according to Thermedx. Millions of Americans suffer hyperthermia during surgery each year, the company said. The multi-functional 37-5 Fluid Management System provides irrigation fluid management and warming in a single device, saving hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers capital dollars, said John Kurowski, the company's vice president of sales and marketing.

WorldHeart (Salt Lake City) reported that the tenth implant of the Levacor Venticular Assist Device (VAD) was performed in the Bridge-to-Transplant (BTT) clinical study. Levacor says the VAD is the only fully magnetically levitated, bearingless, implantable centrifugal pump to move into clinical trial. By using magnetic levitation to fully suspend a spinning rotor, the Levacor VAD's only moving part, the pump is designed to eliminate wear and to provide unobstructed clearances for blood flow across a wide range of operation. J. Alex Martin, WorldHeart's president/CEO said, "We are pleased to reach this level of initial clinical experience with Levacor VADs . To date there has been 2.5 years of cumulative VAD support."

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