A Medical Device Daily Staff Report

SilverTree Health (Chandler, Arizona), a provider of physician billing and practice management resources, reported the completion of a merger with Essential Health Care Solutions (Layton, Utah).

SilverTree Health, is a physician-designed and run provider of practice management resources for physicians, managed-care facilities and hospitals. The company provides full scale medical billing as well as complete back office operational services and resources to physicians and medical practitioners.

Commenting on the deal, SilverTree Health CEO Michael Fossum said, "I am pleased with the process and thoughtful negotiations leading to the agreement to acquire Essential Healthcare Solutions. The various synergies related to technology, operations and company culture permitted the merger of SilverTree Health (STH) and EHS. SilverTree's collective client base will receive added benefit within revenue cycle management, practice management functions and yielding increased profits for our clients. We are convinced that the advantages that STH offers through efficiencies, standardized operations, reproducible outcomes and economies of scale will assist STH in growth plan and increase bottom line profit."

This merger reflects the strategy of SilverTree Health and Essential Healthcare Solutions to provide high-quality, innovative and cost-effective services while increasing profits for their clients.

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