Company Product Description Indication Status
Agendia Inc., of Irvine, Calif. Mammaprint 70-gene assay For predicting risk of breast cancer recurrence Sub-analysis of the PROMIS data comparing genomic profiling results for patients under the age of 50 with early-stage breast cancer showed that the Mammaprint may more effectively identify premenopausal women who may safely avoid chemotherapy; the study looked at 181 patients with an intermediate range recurrence score (RS 18-30) from the 21-gene assay from Oncotype DX; 58% of women age 50 and under with RS 18-20 and 46% of those with RS 21-25 are categorized as Mammaprint Low, indicating that they may safely forgo chemotherapy; 15% of women with RS 26-30 were found to be Mammaprint Low Risk and may be potential candidates for de-escalation of adjuvant chemotherapy
Akili Interactive Labs Inc., of Boston AKL-T03 Video game-based digital therapeutic Treatment for cognitive impairments adjunct to anti-depressant medication in adults with major depressice disorder Reported results of its randomized, controlled study of AKL-T03, which demonstrated statistically significant improvement in sustained attention compared to control (p=0.002) on the predefined primary endpoint, as measured by the Test of Variables of Attention; 80 adult participants were randomized 1:1 to AKL-T03 or a control (video game designed with similar reward and engagement of AKL-T03); both groups used the treatment/control at home, 5 days per week for 25 minutes per day, on a tablet device for 6 weeks; engagement with AKL-T03 showed a strong correlation with improved processing speed; AKL-T03 was also shown to be safe in this study, with no serious adverse events observed


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