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US20190374730-A1: “Nebulizer.”

Assignee: National Taiwan University

Inventors: Chen Chih-Chieh; Huang Sheng-Hsiu; Lin Chih-Wei; Kuo Yu-Mei; Ke Wei-Ren

IPC Codes: A61M 11/00

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: TW2018119467, 06-Jun-2018

The application describes a nebulizer capable of being used in any orientation. Fig 1 shows a section through the empty nebulizer and fig 2 the nebulizer in use. Liquid from the main space (102) flows by capillary action up 103 to 101 where it comes into contact with a vibrating mesh 30 and it becomes vaporized (as B).

This appears to be the first application from the team on nebulizers.


WO2019235466-A1: “Hepatitis B vaccine transnasal administration system.”

Assignee: Toko Yakuhin Kogyo Co Ltd.; National University Corporation Ehime University; Centro De Ingenieria Genetica Y Biotecnologia

Inventors: Kamishita, Taizou; Miyazaki, Takashi; Hiasa, Yoichi; Sheikh Mohammad, Fazle Akbar; Yoshida, Osamu; Aguilar Rubido, Julio Cesar; Guillen Nieto, Gerardo Enrique; Penton Arias, Eduardo

IPC Codes: A61K 39/29; A61P 31/20; A61K 47/32; A61K 9/06; A61K 9/12

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: JP2018107797, 05-Jun-2018

The application describes a method for the nasal administration of hepatitis B vaccine which employs a gel formulation comprising hepatitis B surface antigen (HBs) and hepatitis B neucleocapsid antigen (HBc) and a specially designed syringe capable of delivering the vaccine as a spray of defined particle size.

This appears to be the first application from the three applicants but see WO2019070019 describing a gel hepatitis B vaccine for nasal administration and Biochem Biophys Res Comm 2019 Nov 26:520(1): 86-92 on intranasal vaccination with HBs and HBc.

See also the copublished WO2019235616 on a formulation of fluticasone furoate for nasal administration.


WO2019234764-A1: “Multi-modal ultrasound probe for calibration-free cuff-less evaluation of blood pressure.”

Assignee: Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre

Inventors: Mashood, Nabeel Pilaparambil; Joseph, Jayaraj; Sivaprakasam, Mohanasankar; Kiran, Vangapandu Raj

IPC Codes: A61B 8/04; A61B 5/02

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: IN201841021390, 07-Jun-2018

A cluster of four copublished applications, WO2019234764, '765, '766 and '767, describe probes for the cuffless measurement of blood pressure in a patient. The probes employ variously, one or two accelerometers, two ultrasound transducers or an ultrasound transducer and a bio-potential transducer.

The technology appears to make use of the Centre's arterial stiffness evaluation for non-invasive screening (ARTSENS) technology and to be in trials.

See also US20170156706 on cuffless blood pressure monitoring from three of the team.


WO2019234523-A1: “Controlled drug delivery in point-of-care drug delivery system based on real-time monitoring with integrated sensor.”

Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation; IBM United Kingdom Limited; IBM (China) Investment Company Limited

Inventors: Cao, Qing; Han, Shu-Jen; Tang, Jianshi; Kumar, Bharat

IPC Codes: A61B 5/053

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: US20181391, 06-Jun-2018

The application describes a drug delivery system which is set up to automatically dispense drug to a patient in response to a stimulus. The system is designed to provide real-time monitoring in a point-of-care setting.

The chosen stimulus appears to be pH and the system appears to be directed towards the treatment of wounds.

This also appears to be the first application from the team but see US20190183732 on a controlled drug delivery device.


WO2019236896-A1: “Breath-enhanced nebulizer for delivery of aerosolized drugs to ventilated patients.”

Assignee: The Research Foundation for The State University of New York; Inspirx Inc.

Inventors: Smaldone, Gerald; Toddywala, Rohinton; Hande, Akanksha; Shukla, Vijay

IPC Codes: A61M 11/06; A61M 16/12; A61M 15/00

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: US2018681654, 06-June-20

The application describes a breath-enhanced nebulizer for the delivery of drugs to a patient on a ventilator. The nebulizer employs the Venturi effect to atomise the drug solution and appears to be particularly directed towards supplying antibiotics to treat respiratory infections or in the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

InspiRx and the Research Foundation of SUNY have signed an exclusive license agreement and Smaldone is Professor at Stony Brook University and a member of the company's board of medical advisors.

The application continues the association of the two organizations see WO2018045263 on a breath-enhanced jet nebulizer.


WO2019236759-A1: “Opioid overdose monitoring.”

Assignee: Masimo Corporation

Inventors: Kiani, Massi Joe E; Muhsin, Bilal; Al-Ali, Ammar; Indorf, Keith Ward; Ahmed, Omar; Novak, Jerome; Weber, Walter M.

IPC Codes: A61B 5/00; A61M 5/142; G16H 20/17; A61B 5/0205

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: US2018681309, 06-Jun-2018

The application describes a wearable system for monitoring the indications of opioid overdose and administering a drug, such as naloxone or buprenorphine, as rescue therapy. The system may employ oximetry to detect depressed breathing and could therefore be based around the company's Radius-7 wearable monitor.

It appears to be intended to counteract the effects of an accidental overdose.

It also appears to describe a specific case of the more general system outlined in the company's WO2019169026 which describes a patient monitoring system capable of administering a rescue drug in a variety of different situations.


WO2019234662-A1: “Transdermal drug delivery system containing rotigotine.”

Assignee: NAL Pharmaceutical Group Limited

Inventors: Bui, Minhthi Dinh; Lee, Ping I; Mo, Y. Joseph; Kawai, Tiffany

IPC Codes: A61K 9/70; A61K 31/381;

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: US2018681711, 07-Jun-2018

The application describes a transdermal patch drug delivery system for the delivery of rotigotine. The adhesive layer of the patch consists of polyisobutylene pressure sensitive adhesive containing supersaturated rotigotine.

The patch appears to be the company's Bio-D3 transdermal patch.

The entire product is shown to be for the treatment of Parkinson's disease and to be available for out licensing under NAL8776.


WO2019236367-A1: “Rolling diaphragm syringe with piston engagement portion.”

Assignee: Bayer Healthcare LLC

Inventors: Spohn, Michael; Cowan, Kevin; Tucker, Barry

IPC Codes: A61M 5/142; A61M 5/145; A61M 5/00, A61M 5/315

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2018

Earliest Priority Details: US2018680304, 4-Jun-2018

The application describes a rolling diaphragm syringe where the plunger is capable of being engaged with the piston is such a way that fluid can be drawn into the syringe as well as expelled from it.

The application continues from WO2019161327 describing an apparatus for rolling a rolling diaphragm from an unrolled state to a rolled state.


WO2019234273-A1: “Protective dressing for abdominal viscera in negative pressure therapy.”

Assignee: Servicio Cántabro de Salud

Inventors: Castillo Suescun, Federico

IPC Codes: A61F 13/14; A61M 1/00

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: ES201830853, 06-Jun-2018

The application describes a protective dressing for use in the application of negative-pressure treatment to abdominal wounds and viscera. It consists of three layers held together at their edges. The upper and lower layers comprise punctures to allow fluid to flow through them. The middle layer is composed of a large number of small gas-filled bubbles and openings for the passage of fluids.

This appears to be the first application from the inventor on such dressings.


WO2019234741-A1: “A synthetic ophthalmic graft patch.”

Assignee: Corneat Vision Ltd.

Inventors: Litvin, Gilad

IPC Codes: A61F 2/14; A61L 27/56

Publication Date: 12-Dec-2019

Earliest Priority Details: US2018681082, 05-Jun-2018

The application describes synthetic ophthalmic graft patches and their use in tissue reconstruction/replacement.

The application appears to be the first from the company on graft patches and presumably refers to its CorNeat EverPatch.

A trial to assess the safety and efficacy of these patches (NCT04037917) was first posted on 30 July 2019. No results have been posted to date.

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