Company Product Description Indication Status
Natera Inc., of San Carlos, Calif. Signatera Blood test to monitor for traces of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) Early detection of esophageal cancer recurrence Case study published in JCO Precision Oncology demonstrated the potential advantage of using ctDNA as a confirmatory, adjunctive surveillance tool; study followed a 72-year-old man with recurrent stage III esophageal cancer whose recurrence was detected 350 days before radiographic imaging; after undergoing multiple CT scans showing no signs of cancer, the patient's physicians escalated to a PET scan, which revealed a 4 cm nodule in his liver that was later surgically removed
Sightglass Vision Inc., of Palo Alto, Calif. Eyeglasses Peripheral diffusion lenses Slows the progression of myopia in children Reported topline results from a 12-month interim analysis of the company's pivotal trial; showed that both test arms demonstrated a reduction in myopia progression as assessed by the co-primary outcome measures of axial length and cycloplegic spherical equivalent refraction change at 12 months


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