Company Product Description Indication Status
Impulse Dynamics Ltd., of Mount Laurel, N.J. 2-Lead Optimizer system 2-lead version of device that delivers cardiac contractility modulation (CCM) therapy Treatment for heart failure Published data from the FIX-HF-5C2 study in Circulation: Heart Failure; the prospective, multicenter, single-arm study was a confirmatory extension of the FIX-HF-5C randomized study and enrolled heart failure patients in the U.S. and Germany; results confirmed the 2-lead version of the device is just as effective at delivering CCM therapy as the 3-lead version; by eliminating the atrial lead, patients experienced significantly fewer device-related complications vs. the 3-lead version; patients that received the 2-lead version had a significantly greater improvement in exercise capacity and functional status vs. the FIX-HF-5C control group


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