Other news to note for April 21, 2020

Biopharma happenings in Asia-Pacific, such as deals and partnerships, grants, preclinical data and other news in brief, including: 48Hour Discovery, 7 Hills, Afecta, AI Vivo, Aikido Pharma, Aligos, Anixa, Applied Biology, Applied Botanics, Applied DNA, Atomwise, Benitec, Biogen, Botanix, Cerespir, Chromadex, Clinigen, Cyclacel, Cynata, Dynavax, Eagle, Esperion, Fairjourney, Fujifilm, Fusion Antibodies, Generex, Ginkgo Bioworks, Halix, Hansoh, Iksuda, Immunitybio, Immutep, Inato, Inmune, Innocan, Inovio, Iontas, Khondrion, Kubota Vision, Legochem, Leo, Ligandal, Luxna, Moderna, Molecular Partners, Nantkwest, Nicox, Northern Data, Octapharma, Ontochem, Otsuka, Porton, Promis, Pulmatrix, Recce, Redhill, Retrotope, Roche, SAB, Samsung Bioepis, Sinovac, Soligenix, Som Biotech, Sosei, Starpharma, Takis Biotech, Transcelerate, Xenothera, Xylyx.

Financings for April 21, 2020

Biopharmas in Asia-Pacific raising money in public or private financings, including: Athersys.

Appointments and advancements for April 21, 2020

New hires and promotions in the biopharma industry in Asia-Pacific, including: Olix Pharmaceuticals.

Regulatory front for April 21, 2020

The latest global regulatory news, changes and updates affecting biopharma, including: Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation, FDA.

Clinical data for April 14-20, 2020

Clinical updates from Asia, including trial initiations, enrollment status and data readouts and publications, including: Alexion, Ansun, Astrazeneca, Beigene, Biosig Technologies, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cytodyn, Exelixis, Healios, Incyte, Ipsen, Karyopharm, Novartis, Novavax, Roivant Sciences, Sinovac, Sunovion, Takeda, Viralclear.

Regulatory actions for April 14-20, 2020

Regulatory snapshots, including drug submissions and approvals, clinical trial approvals and other regulatory decisions and designations in Asia-Pacific, including: 4D Pharma, Algernon, Alphamab Oncology, Eagle, Everest Medicines, Humanigen, Hutchison China Meditech, Mayne Pharma, Mithra, Redhill, Remegen, Sinovac, SLA Pharma, The KD Pharma Group, Zai Lab.

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