Company Product Description Indication Status
Angle plc, of Guildford, U.K. Parsortix system Liquid biopsy platform Detects circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from multiple metastatic cancer types The Health Research Institute of Santiago, Spain, has published in Cells the results of new work undertaken in head and neck cancer and non-small-cell lung cancer on the potential utility of a liquid biopsy-based strategy to assess MET alterations on CTCs; the study compared the utility of Parsortix to that of the leading antibody-based CTC system; head and neck cancer results using Parsortix showed a significant association of the presence of MET positive CTCs, which was a minority of patients, and poorer overall survival of those patients; the antibody-based CTC system had significantly lower CTC positivity than Parsortix and there was no relationship between MET expression in the CTCs obtained by the antibody-based system with patient survival
Dermtech Inc., of La Jolla, Calif. Dermtech Pigmented Lesion Assay (PLA) Uses adhesive patch technology to collect skin cells from the surface of an entire lesion without a surgical biopsy Skin cells extracted from the patch are analyzed for gene expression associated with melanoma SKIN published proof-of-concept data demonstrating that patients are able to reliably perform remote self-sampling of concerning moles using the Dermtech; as part of the Institutional Review Board approved pilot study, 258 eligible melanoma survivors were contacted, and of the 211 who expressed interest, there were 7 cases of self-identified concerning lesions, which were confirmed by a clinician to be suspicious of melanoma; these patients then conducted sample collections using Dermtech PLA at home under the supervision of a clinician via telemedicine; results from the study showed that skin samples collected by patients enabled successful PLA testing to objectively rule out melanoma in all (100%) of the cases evaluated; these findings are in line with sample collection results by licensed providers
Pulmonx Corp., of Redwood City, Calif. Zephyr Valve Implantable bronchial valves Improves dyspnea (shortness of breath), ability to exercise, and quality of life for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/emphysema Publication in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society demonstrated statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in multiple patient-reported measures of breathlessness, activity, and psychosocial status favoring the Zephyr Valve over control at 12-months; results were based on an analysis of multiple patient-reported measures captured in the pivotal multicenter LIBERATE study; found that 55% of Zephyr Valve-treated patients achieved a clinically meaningful change in Transitional Dyspnea Index focal score which indicates a return to work/leisure activities previously limited by their breathlessness


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