"We're entering this very exciting, explosive era with social media and broad use of the Internet; we can communicate directly." [Not only is that a boon for the agency but] "we really encourage industry to think that way. The best way to develop products in the future is likely going to be to involve a lot of people with diseases to have a handle on what their needs are, what their expectations are and what their risk tolerance may be."
FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, speaking at the BIO 2016 International Convention

"When you look at the market, later-stage public biotech and pharma companies have almost completely outsourced their research to venture-backed companies, so they're also interested in the pace of investment and where the dollars are going to be."
Jonathan Norris, managing director of the health care practice at Silicon Valley Bank

"The change of government is supposed to set a series of regulations that will facilitate the growth of the sector. The biopharmaceutical development is part of the development model that the government wants to push, because this is a sector creating high value added."
Victor Verdejo, country manager at Biosidus SA, on the positive future for the biotech sector in Argentina

"The industry has been progressing toward biomarker-based strategies for stratification, and the number of biomarkers used in selecting patients has increased steadily. This trend is only starting and is going to continue."
Dave Thomas, senior director of industry research for the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, commenting on findings from industry reports that he co-authored