Biotech Co.* (Country;

Pharma Co. (Country)

Type/Product Area

Terms/Details (Date)

Access Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:AKC)

Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

Agreement granting Wyeth North American rights to Access's OraDisc technology,   mucoadhesive polymer film

Wyeth will make up-front and milestone payments an  purchase product from Access; Wyeth has an option to expand the rights worldwide (1/8)


Actelion Ltd. (Switzerland; SWX:ATLN)

Merck & Co. Inc.

Exclusive worldwide alliance to discover and market new classes of renin inhibitors for cardiorenal diseases

Merck is paying $10M up front and up to $262M for the commercialization of the first product; Actelion would get milestone payments for additional products, as well as royalties on any sales (12/4)


ActivX Biosciences Inc.

Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Collaboration under which ActivX will develop protein-activity profiles for Kyorin compounds

The companies, already working in the area of diabetes, will focus on compounds for metabolic diseases; terms were not disclosed (1/13)


Acumen Inc.*

Merck & Co. Inc.

Merck acquired worldwide rights to Acumen's ADDL technology for monoclonal antibodies and vaccines

The focus is on developing drugs for Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders; Acumen gets an up-front payment and annual research payments, and could get up to $48 in milestones for the first approved antibody product; Acumen would get the same payments for the first vaccine product, as well as royalties on sales (1/13)


Advion BioSciences Inc.*

Unnamed pharmaceutical company

Advion signed a three-year contract to provide bioanalytical services

Advion said it would receive $9M under the contract (12/16)


AEterna Laboratories Inc. (Canada; AELA)

Solvay Pharmaceuticals BV (Belgium)

AEterna subsidiary Zentaris GmbH will develop orally available peptidomimetic luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone antagonists

Zentaris is getting $5M and reimbursement costs up front; Solvay will pay development costs up to a fixed amount, and make milestone payments, in exchange for exclusive worldwide rights in gynecology and benign prostatic hyperplasia; Zentaris keeps all other rights (1/23)


Alizyme plc (UK; LSE:AZM)

Takeda Chemical Industries Ltd. (Japan)

Takeda exercised its option to a license agreement for rights in Japan to ATL-962 for obesity and related diseases

Alizyme gets $3M up front and up to $37M in milestones, as well as double-digit royalties on sales; Takeda paid $2M in August 2003 for the option (1/30)


Anadys Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

To use Anadys'affinity-based ATLAS screening technology against Daiichi therapeutic targets

Anadys will design, configure and run assays against compounds provided by Daiichi; financial terms were not disclosed (1/5)


Anika Therapeutics Inc.* (ANIK)

Ortho Biotech Products LP

Multiyear agreement under which Ortho gets rights in the U.S. and Mexico to Orthovisc

Anika gets $2M up front and would get additional payments for approval of the viscosupplementation product for treating pain from osteoarthritis of the knee, as well as other milestone payments (12/22)


Archemix Corp.*

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development

Target-validation collaboration focused on validating G protein-coupled receptor targets

Archemix will use its aptamer technology in the work; terms were not disclosed (1/13)


Argenta Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)

Companies signed a new deal under which Argenta will provide contract research services

The deal, following a 12-month relationship, focuses on respiratory and inflammatory diseases and psychiatric diseases; terms were not disclosed (1/26)


Argenta Therapeutics Inc.* (UK)

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Fee-for-service agreement under which Aventis can draw on Argenta research services

The deal runs three years; terms were not disclosed (11/21)


Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY)

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

Collaboration to develop Array's MEK program in the field of oncology; deal includes the candidate ARRY-142886, an MEK inhibitor

Array is getting $10M up front, research funding and milestones of up to $85M, depending on the number of approved products, as well as royalties on sales (12/18)


Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH* (Germany)

Aventis SA (France)

Artemis will use its ArteMice platform to generate genetically engineered mice for Aventis

Artemis also is providing Aventis with licenses to certain transgenic mice, which will be used to elucidate gene function; terms were not disclosed (2/9)


Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH* (Germany)

Bayer AG (Germany)

Collaboration under which Artemis will use its ArteMice platform to generate genetically engineered mice for Bayer

Bayer will use the mice for gene function analysis and testing drug candidates; terms were not disclosed (11/24)


Atherogenics Inc. (AGIX)

Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Collaboration to develop Atherogenics'AGI-1096 a an oral treatment for preventing organ transplant rejection

Fujisawa will fund all preclinical and early clinical development and has an option to rights for late-stage development and commercialization; terms were not disclosed (1/12)


Athersys Inc.*

Johnson & Johnson

J&J researchers get nonexclusive access to engineered cell lines that express targets for various drug discovery efforts

Athersys received a one-time fee associated with the deal with J&J unit 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, which involves use of Athersys'RAGE technology; they also are winding down previous work between 3-D and Athersys (1/27)


Avalon Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Aventis SA (France)

Collaboration under which Avalon will provide a subset of its amplicon library in an  effort to identify druggable targets

The companies then will attempt to validate oncology targets; terms of the deal were not disclosed (12/17)


Beyond Genomics Inc.*

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

Pilot agreement under which BG will apply its Systems Biology platform to predictive toxicology

They will attempt to discover biomarkers of drug-induced toxicity; financial terms were not disclosed (2/3)


Beyond Genomics Inc.*

GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)

Collaboration and license deal in systems biology for drug discovery and development in metabolic diseases

GSK will pay BG an up-front fee and will fund the research program; BG also could earn additional payments and retains rights to use the findings in certain other fields (1/28)


BioFocus plc (UK; LSE:BIO)

Ferring Research Group

Agreement under which BioFocus will apply its Soft- Focus technology to a Ferring target

BioFocus gets technology access fees, research fees and potential success fees; specific terms were not disclosed (12/16)


BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Luitpold Pharmaceuticals Inc. (subsidiary of Sankyo Co. Ltd.)

Worldwide alliance to develop and market GEM 21S, BMPI's lead periodontal product

BMPI said the alliance is expected to generate revenue of $150M for it, covering R&D expenses, marketing help and milestones; BMPI also would get a low-double-digit sales royalty and supply product (1/8)


BioStratum Inc.*

Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark)

Agreement to develop monoclonal antibodies against laminin-5 for treating cancer

Novo get exclusive rights to resulting products; Novo will fund the research program and pay milestones of up to $80M, as well as royalties, for each antibody developed (1/12)


Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc (UK; CATG)


Wyeth exercised an option to license CAT's antibody phage display libraries for use in various therapeutic areas

CAT got an up-front license fee and would get additional license fees and potential milestones and royalties if Wyeth exercises options related to use of the library (2/11)


Caprion Pharmaceutical Inc.* (Canada)

Abbott Laboratories

Collaboration applying Caprion's quantitative proteomics platform to the discovery of antibody targets and the development of drugs for lung cancer

Caprion gets an up-front payment and potential milestones and royalties; Abbott gets exclusive rights to applications on its targets, while Caprion retains rights to certain other targets (2/4)


Cellular Genomics Inc.* 

Eli Lilly and Co.

Collaboration under which CGI will apply its chemical genetics technology to study kinase drug targets selected by Lilly

CGI will use its Analog Sensitive Kinase Allele technology to generate modified kinases; terms were not disclosed (12/17)


Cellzome AG* (Germany)

Bayer HealthCare AG (Germany)

Collaboration using Cellzome's proteomics platform to profile  Bayer lead compounds in various therapeutic areas

Cellzome will receive undisclosed access fees and research funding (12/8)


Cenix BioScience GmbH* (Germany)

Bayer HealthCare AG (Germany)

Collaboration under which Cenix will screen all druggable genes using RNAi technology to identify drug targets

Cenix will get up-front and research payments, along with potential milestones; Bayer has an option to acquire rights to all resulting work (12/15)


Cepheid Inc. (CPHD)

BioMerieux SA (France)

BioMerieux will develop DNA testing products to be run on systems using Cepheid platform technologies

Cepheid can get up to $15M in up-front and milestone payments, as well as product purchases and royalties on end-user GeneXpert test cartridge sales (1/6)


Chembridge Research Laboratories LLC*

Pfizer Inc.

Companies amended their agreement and entered a new one in discovery chemistry, extending the deal through 2008 

The scope of the alliance also was expanded beyond advanced screening libraries toward downstream discovery chemistry needs; terms were not disclosed (2/6)


Chiron Corp. (CHIR)

CSL Ltd. (Australia)

Joint development agreement for a therapeutic hepatitis C vaccine

Chiron will provide antigens and CSL will provide adjuvant technology; terms were not disclosed (1/14)


Chiron Corp. (CHIR) (Germany)

Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH virus targets

Chiron granted BI a non- exclusive license to develop drugs against hepatitis C

Chiron gets an up-front license fee and potential milestone and royalty payments; terms were not disclosed (12/18)


Connetics Corp. (CNCT)

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

Connetics is acquiring exclusive U.S. rights to Roche's Soriatane (acitretin), an approved therapy for treating severe psoriasis

Connectics is paying $123M in cash for the retinoic acid analogue, payable when the deal closes (2/9)


Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)

Aventis SA (France)

Agreement to further develop and commercialize influenza vaccine products based on Crucell's PER.C6 cell line

Aventis Pasteur gets an exclusive license to flu vaccines using the technology; Crucell gets milestones, annual payments and R&D funding up to €30M, as well as royalties on sales; Crucell keeps rights in Japan (1/7)


Curis Inc. (CRIS)

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Curis licensed its Hedgehog proteins and small-molecule Hedgehog pathway agonists to Wyeth for neurological and other disorders

Curis is getting up-front payments and financial support for at least two years, as well as milestone payments; together the deal could be worth up to $170M if two products emerge; Curis also would get royalties; Curis retained rights to certain applications of the technology, and Wyeth could license those rights (1/12)


Cyclacel Ltd.* (UK)

Sankyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)

License to Sankyo's CYC682, a small-molecule nucleoside analogue for cancer that has completed U.S. Phase I trials

Cyclacel licensed rights in most of the world; Sankyo got an up-front payment and could receive milestones, and gained first negotiation rights for marketing in Japan (12/5)


Cypress Bioscience Inc. (CYPB)

Forest Laboratories Inc.

Forest licensed U.S. rights to the Phase III fibromyalgia product, milnacipran

Cypress said it could receive up to $25M in up-front and milestone payments, as well as sales royalties; Cypress has the option to 25% co-promotion rights; Forest will fund remaining development (1/9)


Cyprotex plc (UK; LSE:CRX)

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Three-year deal under which Cyprotex will provide ADME information on Roche compounds

The deal provides for expanding the scope of the work; terms were not disclosed (1/29)


Cyprotex plc (UK; LSE:CRX)

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

Cyprotex will provide information on absorption properties of AstraZeneca compounds

Terms of the six-month deal were not disclosed (1/22)


Cyprotex plc (UK; LSE:CRX)

Altana Pharma AG (Germany)

Cyprotex will screen Altana compounds to provide infor-mation on liver metabolism

The one-year deal has provisions for extension; terms were not disclosed (1/21)


Cytokinetics Inc.

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

Exclusive collaboration to develop imaging-based cellular technologies for the in vitro prediction of hepatotoxicity

AstraZeneca will fund work at Cytokinetics for two years; the deal calls for potential license fees and milestone payments related to development of the Cytometrix Hepatotoxicity Module (12/18)


Cytos Biotechnology AG (Switzwerland; SWX:CYTN)

Lonza Group Ltd. (Switzerland)

Lonza gained a sole license to Cytos'transient expression system for manufacturing therapeutic proteins

Cytos is getting an up-front payment and could earn milestones, annual license fees and royalties; Lonza gained sublicense rights; Cytos retained rights to the technology for production and commercialization (2/2)


De Novo Pharmaceuticals Ltd.* (UK)

Eli Lilly and Co.

Lilly got a nonexclusive license to De Novo's algorithm-based SkelGen platform

Lilly will use it for research on undisclosed targets; terms were not disclosed (1/5)


Discovery Partners International Inc. (DPII)

Pfizer Inc.

Multiyear deal under which Discovery will provide chemical compounds to Pfizer

The deal broadens the scope of an existing collaboration, with revenues to Discovery expected to be $43M to $46M over two years; Pfizer has an option to extend the deal after that (2/18)


Diversa Corp. (DVSA)

DSM Pharma Chemicals

Collaboration to discover and develop biocatalytic solutions for a variety of chemical transformations

Diversa will work to develop biocatalysts and will get R&D payments and potential milestones and royalties (1/15)


D-Pharm Ltd.* (Israel)

Shire Pharmaceutical Group plc (UK)

D-Pharm reacquired rights to DP-VPA, a phospholipid derivative of valproic acid

The drug has completed Phase II trials in epilepsy; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/13)


Dyax Corp. (DYAX)

Baxter Healthcare Corp.

Collaboration to use Dyax's phage display technology to discover antibodies that block macrophage migration inhibitory factor

Baxter, which has a license to the target, gets exclusive rights to products that come from the Dyax deal; Dyax gets research funding and potential milestone and royalty payments (1/12)


Dynavax Technologies Corp.*

UCB Pharma (Belgium)

Dynavax exclusively licensed its ragweed and grass allergy immunotherapy programs to UCB, and granted an option on its peanut allergy program

UCB will fund continued R&D and make an up-front payment; Dynavax could earn milestone and royalty payments and has a co-promotion option in the U.S. (2/5)


Dynogen Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLC

Dynogen will use its in vivo pharmacology platform to study neurological compounds for treating overactive bladder

The focus is on Dynogen's genitourinary and gastrointestinal disorders platform; terms and details on the deal were not disclosed (1/5)


Dynogen Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Mitsubishi Pharma Corp. (Japan)

Dynogen gained rights to DDP-225 (formerly MCI-225), a neurological compound

Dynogen plans to develop the compound for irritable bowel syndrome and will get drug materials suitable for completing Phase II trials (12/22)


Entelos Inc.*

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC

Deal under which Entelos will develop a hematology model for J&J and conduct an in silico research program

The work is in support of clinical development and Phase IV trial design; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/13)


Epigenomics AG* (Germany)

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

Epigenomics will identify DNA methylation markers from  clinical tumor samples for use in AstraZeneca's cancer programs

Terms of the collaboration were not dis- closed (1/13)


Epigenomics AG* (Germany) a Wyeth 

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Deal under which Epigenomics will analyze DNA methylation biomarkers in a murine xenograft model following use of cancer compound

Wyeth will evaluate the resulting biomarkers and consider Epigenomics' technologies for inclusion into clinical studies; terms were not disclosed (12/16)


Esperion Therapeutics Inc. (ESPR)

Nippon Chemiphar Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Agreement to develop small- molecule therapies based on peroxisome proliferator activated receptor delta agonists

Esperion gets access to a range of PPAR delta agonists and commercialization rights outside Asia; terms of the license deal were not disclosed (1/13)


Evotech OAI AG (FSE:EVT)

Toray Industries Ltd. (Japan)

Screening and medicinal chemistry deal to identify drug candidates interacting with a Toray target

Evotech will receive fees for services and could receive milestone payments based on successes (2/11)


Exelixis Inc. (EXEL)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Extension and expansion of collaboration under which they will continue to identify and validate targets implicated in cancer

The deal signed in 2001 was extended to 2006, and BMS has the option to extend it to 2009; Exelixis will get $25M in guaranteed funding and potential milestones that push the extension value to more than $100M, as well as royalties (12/18)


Galapagos Genomics NV* (Belgium)

Bayer HealthCare AG (Germany)

Collaboration to discover and validate novel drug targets for Bayer's disease areas

Bayer has the exclusive right to select validated targets for drug development in return for up-front payments, research funding and milestones (12/16)


Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GNSC)

Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark)

Genaissance licensed its HAP technology to Novo for use in a drug development program

Genaissance will get license and service fees, as well as certain rights to develop specified diagnostic applications (12/18)


Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GNSC)

Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S (Denmark)

Agreement under which Genaissance will provide pharmacogenomic services and technology to Ferring

They also will collaborate to identify clinical projects for the application of Genaissance's HAP technology; terms were not disclosed (12/11)


Gene Bridges GmbH* (Germany)

Merck & Co. Inc.

Merck got a nonexclusive license to Gene Bridges'Red/ ET Recombination technology

The technology is for DNA engineering; terms were not disclosed (2/16)


Genelabs Technologies Inc. (GNLB)

Tanabe Seiyaku Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Tanabe gained Japanese rights to the lupus drug prasterone (Prestara)

Genelabs gets $2M up front and up to $12M in fees and milestone payments, as well as royalties on any sales; also, Tanabe is buying $2.8M in Genelabs stock at a premium of 15% (1/28) 


Genome Therapeutics Inc. (GENE)

Aventis SA (France)

Genome Therapeutics is selling pending patent applications relating to Streptococcus pneumoniae to Aventis Pasteur

Aventis made a $3M cash payment for the program; Genome Therapeutics retains certain rights to the technology (1/9)


Gen-Probe Inc. (GPRO)

Tosoh Corp. (Japan)

Cross-licensing deal covering certain nucleic acid testing technologies

Tosoh will pay $7M for nonexclusive rights to two Gen-Probe technologies, as well as paying royalties on any sales; Gen-Probe gets access to two Tosoh technologies and would pay royalties (12/8)


GenVec Inc. (GNVC)

Cordis Corp. (unit of Johnson & Johnson)

Collaboration on clinical trials of GenVec's BioBypass with Cordis'catheters in patients with severe coronary artery disease

They will conduct a placebo-controlled trial with up to 125 patients in Europe; they will split trial costs, and each company retains rights to its product (1/8)


Hemosol Inc. (Canada; HMSL)

MDS Inc. (Canada)

Deal that allows MDS to use accumulated income tax losses and other tax assets of Hemosol

Hemosol is getting $16M in the deal, which also includes reorganization of certain MDS diagnostics assets and Hemosol; Hemosol assets would be assigned to a new company, Hemosol Corp. (2/12)


HMGene Inc.*

Suntory Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories LLC

Agreement to discover and develop drugs for obesity

Collaboration is focused on identifying small-molecule lead drugs against one of HMGene's targets; terms were not disclosed (12/16)


Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Agreement under which Iconix will provide BMS with chemo- genomics services; it will work on several BMS compounds each year

Iconix gets an up-front payment, technology license fees, project fees and potential success fees; if the deal runs its term Iconix could get $24M, exlcuding commercialization fees and royalties (1/21)


Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Abbott Laboratories

Collaboration to apply Iconix's chemogenomics technology in Abbott's drug discovery and development efforts

The deal calls for an up-front payment, technology access fees, research funding and clinical milestones to Iconix; specific terms were not disclosed (1/21)


Iconix Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Eli Lilly and Co.

Agreement under which Iconix will provide Lilly with chemo- genomics services

Details were not disclosed (11/24)


Incyte Corp. (INCY)

Roche Diagnostics

License deal giving Roche the right to use Incyte's Eberwine Linear RNA Amplification technology

Roche is expected to use the technology for diagnostics that identify gene expression patterns unique to diseases; terms were not disclosed (1/15)


Ingenium Pharmaceuticals AG* (Germany)


Ingenium will provide Wyeth genetic rat models with alterations in genes specified by Wyeth

Terms were not disclosed (1/21)


Ingenuity Systems


Wyeth purchased the Ingenuity Pathways Analysis for use across its company

Terms were not disclosed (1/26)


Ingenuity Systems*

Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation

Novartis licensed use of the Ingenuity Pathways Analysis application for use in research

Novartis will use the system in applications including assessing gene expression data and with siRNA screens; terms were no disclosed (11/24)


Innate Pharma SAS* (France)

Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark)

Novo gained exclusive rights to a family of receptor targets expressed by natural killer cells

Innate is entitled to undisclosed license fees, milestone payments and royalties and retained some rights to develop drugs in certain orphan indications (12/9)


Innogenetics* (Belgium)

Roche Diagnostics (Switzerland)

Innogenetics granted Roche a worldwide nonexclusive license to Innogenetics technology for genotyping hepatitic C virus

Innogenetics gets €5M up front and would get royalties on resulting Roche sales of HCV genotyping products (12/23)


Inpharmatica Ltd.* (UK)

Aventis SA (France)

Nonexclusive multiuser agreement for Biopendium protein annotation resource

Inpharmatica's Biopendium will be installed at Aventis; terms were not disclosed (11/25)


InSite Vision Inc. (AMEX:ISV)

Bausch & Lomb

Agreement whereby InSite will sell ISV-403, a candidate for treating ocular infections, to B&L

InSite will receive an up-front payment, reimbursement of certain development expenses, and a percentage of future sales; the deal will end previous licensing and stock purchase agreements (12/19)


Insmed Inc. (INSM)

Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Insmed got nonexclusive rights to insulin-like growth factor-1 therapy for treating extreme or severe insulin-resistant diabetes

Insmed gets rights in the U.S., Europe and other countries where a patent claim exists (excluding Japan); Insmed's SomatoKine is an IGF-1 therapy; terms were not disclosed (1/26)


Intercell AG* (Austria)

Aventis SA (France)

Intercell will apply its Antigen Identification Program to antigens for use in a protein- based vaccine

Aventis Pasteur will pay undisclosed up-front and license fees and R&D costs, as well as potential milestones and royalties, in exchange for exclusive worldwide rights (2/17)


Jerini AG* (Germany)

Merck KGaA (Germany)

Collaboration to jointly develop small-molecule inhibitors discovered by Jerini against an undisclosed oncology target

Jerini gets an up-front payment, personnel funding and potential milestones and royalties; payments could exceed €50M if a product is approved; Merck gets worldwide rights to resulting discoveries (1/28)


Labopharm Inc. (Canada; TSE:DDS)

Grupo Angelini (Italy)

Labopharm will formulate a once-daily version of Angelini's antidepressant trazodone

The goal is to develop a product for global commercialization; Angelini got exclusive Italian rights; terms were not disclosed (2/3)


Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

AstraZeneca got nonexclusive rights to Lexicon's gene- targeting technology

AstraZeneca will use the technology in drug discovery programs; terms were not disclosed (12/22)


Lexicon Genetics Inc. (LEXG)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Lexicon is contributing 13 discovery programs to the collaboration set up to discover, develop and sell drugs in in the neuroscience field

Lexicon is getting $36M up front and at least $30M in research funding over the initial three-year term; BMS can extend the deal two years for committed funding up to $50M; Lexicon can get milestones for each target BMS develops, as well as sales royalties (12/18)


Lipomics Technologies Inc.*

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Lipomics will evaluate the effects of some compounds on metabolism and analyze the lipid profiles of obesity

Details on the agreement were not dis- closed (1/5)


The Medicines Co. (MDCO)

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

The Medicines Co. acquired a late-stage arterial thrombosis compound, cangrelor

The Medicines Co. acquired worldwide rights excluding Japan, China and certain other Asian countries in exchange for up- front, milestone and royalty payments (12/18)


Metabasis Therapeutics Inc.*

Merck & Co. Inc.

Collaboration to develop small-molecule therapeutics for treating hepatitis C

Merck will contribute drug candidates and Metabasis will apply its liver-targeting, HepDirect prodrug technology; Merck also gets certain rights to other HCV drugs Metabasis may discover; Metabasis gets up-front and research payments and could get milestones and royalties from both parts of the deal (1/13)


ML Laboratories plc (UK; LSE:MLB)

Pliva Pharmaceuticals (Croatia)

Collaboration to develop an asthma drug based on Pliva's steroid PLD-177 and ML's dry powder inhaler, Clickhaler

ML's Innovata Biomed division will get fees and milestones for development work, and would supply inhalers and receive royalties on sales (12/12)


Morphochem AG* (Germany)

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (Germany)

Morphochem will apply its MOREsystem to the discovery and optimization of structures for active human targets

The targets and terms involved in the deal were not disclosed (2/4)


Morphochem AG* (Germany)

Novartis AG (Switzerland)

Collaboration under which Morphochem will apply its evolutionary drug discovery system to discovery and optimization of drugs against various biological targets

Morphochem is getting undisclosed research funding and potential milestone payments; it retains rights to develop compounds for which Novartis does not exercise a license (12/8)


MorphoSys AG (Germany; FSE:MOR)

Bayer Healthcare AG (Germany)

Cross-licensing deal under which MorphoSys gets rights to the human cell line HKB 11  and Bayer will switch R&D programs to the MorphoSys HuCAL antibody technology

The deal builds on an existing relationship that started in 1999 and runs through 2005; specific terms were not disclosed (1/13)


MorphoSys AG (Germany; FSE:MOR)

Pfizer Inc.

MorphoSys will use its HuCal library to generate therapeutic antibodies against multiple Pfizer targets

MorphoSys will receive up-front and milestone payments of up to $50M on products resulting from the five-year deal, as well as royalties on any sales (12/22)


Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR)

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

Nektar licensed a pegylation reagent used in manufacturing Roche's continuous erythropoiesis receptor activator

Nektar gets milestone and manufacturing revenues during development and would receive royalty and manufacturing payments upon commercialization (2/2)


NeoStrata Co. Inc.*

Berlex Inc. (unit of Schering AG; Germany)

Deal for the formulation development of drugs using NeoStrata dermatology technologies

Terms were not disclosed (1/22)


Neurogen Corp. (NRGN)

Merck & Co. Inc.

Worldwide agreement to develop small molecules that target the vanilloid receptor for pain indications

The companies are pooling candidates and programs in the area; Merck is responsible for development and commercialization; Merck is paying a $15M license fee, buying $15M in Neurogen stock, and paying $12M in fees over two years; Neurogen could get $118M in milestones if a drug is approved, and more for additional indications; it also would get royalties (12/1)


NeuroSearch A/S* (Denmark)

GlaxoSmithKline plc (UK)

Five-year deal covering a number of research programs within ion channels and the treatment of CNS diseases

GSK gets options to compounds in the area from NeuroSearch, including NS2359 and the Endovion program; NeuroSearch gets €82 million in guaranteed payments, including €46.8M million in up-front and research fees and €17.7M for 616,000 new NeuroSearch shares; NeuroSearch also can earn €98.5M in milestones for NS2359 and milestones for other compounds GSK takes over, as well as royalties on sales (12/19)


NexMed Inc. (NEXM)

Unidentified Japanese company

Deal to apply NexMed's delivery technology to develop NM100120, a gel to treat pain

NexMed gets an up-front payment and could earn milestones and royalties; it also kept manufacturing and commercialization rights outside Japan and Korea (2/9)


Odyssey Thera Inc.*

Pfizer Inc.

Agreement under which Thera will profile compounds across its panel of cell-based assays

The goal is to further characterize mechanism of action and pathway activity in one therapeutic area; terms were not disclosed (11/25)


Oxford BioMedica plc (UK; LSE:OXB)

Merck & Co. Inc.

Deal under which Merck can use Oxford's LentiVector gene delivery system in research

Oxford gets an up-front license fee and annual maintenance payments (2/5)


Panacea Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

SRL Inc. (Japan)

License and service deal to develop cancer diagnostic tests in Japan based on Panacea's aspartyl beta-hydroxylase

SRL got a nonexclusive license to commercialize HAAH-based tests; Panacea gets an up-front payment and could get milestone and royalty payments (12/18)


Perlegen Sciences Inc.*

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

Deal under which Perlegen will identify genes and other genetic loci associated with heart attack

Financial and other terms of the collaboration were not disclosed (1/9)


Perlegen Sciences Inc.*

Pfizer Inc.

Deal under which Perlegen will genotype SNPs in clinical sam- ples to identify genetic markers associated with response to drugs for depression

Pfizer will provide research funding and undisclosed milestone payments; they will share in the resulting diagnostic and therapeutic rights (1/8)


Perlegen Sciences Inc.*

Pfizer Inc.

Deal under which Perlegen will genotype SNPs in clinical samples to identify genetic markers associated with metabolic syndrome

Pfizer will provide research funding and undisclosed milestone payments; they will share in the resulting diagnostic and therapeutic rights (1/7)


Pharmacopeia Inc. (PCOP)

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Deal under which Pharmacopeia will apply its small-molecule expertise to identify leads in an area of interest to Taiho

Pharmacopeia will get research funding and could get milestone and royalty pay- ments from products resulting from the collaboration (2/4)


Pharmacopeia Inc. (PCOP)

Altana Pharma AG (Germany)

Deal under which Pharmacopeia will apply its small-molecule expertise to identify and optimize leads for Altana

Pharmacopeia will get research funding and could get milestone and royalty pay- ments from products resulting from the deal (2/3)


Pharmagene plc (UK; LSE:PGN)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

BMS is getting access to the Phase Zero compound-validation resource for up to same period; terms were not disclosed three years

BMS also extended its access to Pharmagene's TargetEvaluator capability for the (12/24)


Pharamagene plc (UK; LSE:PGN)

Bayer HealthCare AG (Germany)

Deal giving Bayer access to Pharmagene's validation plat- form, a human tissue-based system for validating targets and compounds

Pharmagene will get research fees and potential milestones in the two-year deal, which initially will focus on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and oncology (12/15)


Pharsight Corp. (OTC BB:PHST)


Wyeth purchased Pharsight's Knowledgebase Suite of software products

The products will be used for pharmacokinetic data management and analysis (2/18)


Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI)

Abbott Laboratories

Abbott licensed certain exclusive rights related to antibodies capable of binding interleukin-12 or its receptor

PDL received an up-front payment and is eligible to get milestone and royalty payments; it will share a portion of money received with Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., from which it licensed certain IL-12 rights (12/23)


Provid Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Suntory Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories LLC

Collaboration to develop Provid drug candidates for the treatment of multiple sclerosis

SPRL will pursue in vivo pharmacology and development, and Provid will be responsible for chemistry; Provid gets up-front payments and R&D support, and could get milestone and royalty payments (1/12)


Purely Proteins Ltd.* (UK)

Abcam Ltd. (UK)

Collaboration on production of families of therapeutically relevant proteins and domains together with their corresponding antibodies

Resulting products would be marketed by both companies (2/17)


Qiagen NV (the Netherlands; QGENF)

Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland)

Qiagen licensed a novel algorithm for the selection of highly functional target sequences for RNAi applications

Qiagen got worldwide rights to use the prediction algorithm; terms were not disclosed (12/15)


Raven Biotechnologies Inc.*

Abbott Laboratories

Collaboration to evaluate a panel of Raven's monoclonal antibodies and their targets for drug and diagnostic uses

Terms and specific details of the deal were not disclosed (2/3)


RecomGenex Ltd.* (subsidiary of Comgenex Inc.; Hungary)

AstraZeneca plc (UK)

Collaboration to produce functional nuclear receptors to be used for research purposes

RecomGenex will apply its RefoldAll protein renaturation technology to inclusion bodies provided by AstraZeneca, which will own resulting proteins; terms were not disclosed (1/16)


RegeneRx Bio- pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC BB:RGRX)

Sigma-Tau Group (Italy)

Sigma-Tau will develop Regen- eRx's thymosin beta-4 for wound indications in Europe

Sigma-Tau's Defiante Farmaceutica unit has to pay $5M or start pivotal trials in Europe after successful Phase II results from RegeneRx in order to keep the option; Defiante would pay royalties to and purchase product from RegeneRx (1/22)


7TM Pharma A/S* (Denmark)

Synaptic Pharmaceutical Corp. (unit of H. Lundbeck A/S; Denmark)

7TM will apply its structure- based drug discovery approach to receptors provided by Synaptic

Synaptic has an option for exclusive rights to resulting CNS drugs in exchange for up- front payments and potential milestones and royalties (1/13)


Saegis Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland)

Saegis was granted an exclusive license to develop and market its lead Alzheimer's disease candidate, SGS742

Saegis got an option in 2001 on the compound, which now is in Phase II; Novartis gained an undisclosed equity stake in Saegis (1/5)


Scottish Biomedical Ltd.* (UK)

Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Research and development agreement to evaluate targets and compounds for respiratory diseases

The deal provides for about $7.2M in payments to Scottish Biomedical and follows a collaboration between the companies in diabetes; specifics were not disclosed (11/26)


Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)

LCG Ltd. (UK)

Collaboration to develop and validate a genetic marker panel for paternity and forensic identification

Successful results would enable LGC to use the validated panel of SNP assays on Sequenom's MassArray platform; terms were not disclosed (1/14)


Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)

Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Sequenom licensed P&G exclusive rights to its osteoporosis targets

P&G will validate the targets and could pay up to $30M in license and milestone payments, as well as sales royalties; Sequenom retains all diagnostic rights (12/17)


Serenex Inc.*

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Aventis will evaluate the use of Serenex's chemoproteomics technologies in drug discovery

Aventis will supply Serenex with cell lines and sets of small molecules for screening; terms were not disclosed (2/10)


Sirna Therapeutics Inc. (RNAI)

Eli Lilly and Co.

Collaboration to explore Sirna's modified small interfering RNAs against Lilly oncology targets

Terms of the 18-month deal were not disclosed (1/27)


SomaLogic Inc.*

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. (Japan) and Sumitomo Bakelite Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Deals covering the development of aptamer-related products

Mitsui invested $10M in SomaLogic to support development of diagnostics; Sumitomo invested $1M as part of deal to develop special surfaces for microarrays (12/17)


Symyx Technologies Inc. (SMMX)

Pfizer Inc.

Symyx will deliver Discovery Tools Polymorph/Pre-Formulations Workflow system and  will license applications of its Renaissance Software

The license is for five Pfizer sites; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/5)


Thios Pharmaceuticals Inc.*


Wyeth granted Thios exclusive rights to rPSGL-Ig, a recombinant form of the human PSGL-1 glycoprotein

Thios got a worldwide license to the compound, which it renamed TS1; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/7)


TransForm Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development LLC

Broad agreement covering topiramate, an epilepsy drug marketed by a J&J company

TransForm assigned its patent rights to the product to J&J in exchange for up-front payments, milestones and royalties; TransForm also is getting an equity investment and will do additional crystallization experiments on topiramate (12/16)


Transgenomic Inc. (TBIO)

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Agreement to provide mutation discovery services in translational research programs in oncology

The goal is to identify genetic mutations that correlate with response to cancer drugs; terms were not disclosed (12/2)


Trimeris Inc. (TRMS)

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc.

Companies entered a deal to develop the next generation of HIV fusion inhibitors

The deal builds on their development of the approved-drug Fuzeon and will focus on improved formulations and delivery vehicles; terms were not disclosed (1/5)


UroGene SA (SA)

Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Exclusive license agreement under which UroGene will develop besipirdine for treating overactive bladder

Aventis had been developing the drug for Alzheimer's disease; UroGene would pay late-stage milestones and royalteis (1/7)


Vernalis plc (UK; LSE:VER)

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc.

Collaboration to investigate inhibitors of a target implicated in the progression of cancers

Vernalis will provide elements of its oncology research to NIBRI for six months, after which NIBRI will have the right to enter a longer-term deal; if it exercises the option it would make further payments to Vernalis (12/19)


Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VRTX)

Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland)

Amended agreement on kinase discovery that provides faster transfer of candidates from Vertex to Novartis

Vertex can realize an additional $100M from the revised deal, which initially was worth up to $800M; committed funding was extended two years, through 2006; Vertex can get up to $35M for each preclinical candidate accepted by Novartis (2/3)


ViroPharma Inc. (VPHM)

Schering-Plough Corp.

Option agreement for license to intranasal formulation of ViroPharma's pleconaril in the U.S. and Canada for treating the common cold

Schering-Plough is paying $3M up front for the option; ViroPharma will conduct a series of studies; Schering-Plough then could pay $10M and purchase existing inventory, as well as paying potential milestones and royalties, to license the drug (11/25)


Xcyte Therapies Inc.*

Fresenius Biotech GmbH (a division of Fresenius AG; Germany)

Collaboration on a T cell-based gene therapy program for treating HIV infection

Fresenius gets an exclusive license to the Xcellerate technology in Europe for treating HIV/AIDS with gene-modified T cells; Xcyte can earn milestone and royalty payments (1/15)


Xencor Inc.*

Eli Lilly and Co.

Xencor will optimize physical and biochemical properties of a protein therapeutic

Lilly will have the option to develop the resulting variants of the protein; terms were not disclosed (2/18)


XenoPort Inc.*

Pfizer Inc.

Collaboration to develop technologies that improve access of drugs to targets in the brain by exploiting active transport mechanisms in blood-brain barrier cells

XenoPort will contribute aspects of its Engineered Drug Transport technologies; Pfizer will contribute expertise and research funding; they will share use of technologies developed in the collaboration (1/5)



# The information in the chart does not cover agricultural agreements or those between biotech companies.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

Unless otherwise noted, stock symbols listed are on the Nasdaq market.

AMEX = American Stock Exchange; FSE: Frankfurt Stock Exchange; LSE = London Stock Exchange; OTC BB = Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board; SWX = Swiss Stock Exchange; TSE: Toronoto Stock Exchange.