Glyko Inc. has received a broad patent for diagnostic use of its labeling and detection system in carbohydrates.

Patent No. 5,205,917, issued to the Novato, Calif., company on April 27, may be applied to diagnosis of carbohydrate metabolic diseases in which the body lacks key enzymes for breakdown of sugar-based compounds, as well as to tracing sugar-containing "ID tags" in cancer, liver or bone marrow diseases and autoimmune disease. Monitoring carbohydrate changes in response to treatment is also included in the patent.

The company (TSE:GBL) offers analytical enzymes for assessing carbohydrate structure, and a carbohydrate imaging system called FACE for fluorophore assisted carbohydrate electrophoresis.

John Hamilton, vice president and chief financial officer, told BioWorld that this patent gives a "franchise" in the field of diagnosis based on use of fluorophore imaging. Five other issued patents have already been assigned to the company, which went public in December 1992 and is the only company pursuing diagnostic carbohydrates.

This is the first patent issued directly to the company. Twelve other patent applications have been filed, Hamilton said. -- Nancy Garcia

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