Acelity (San Antonio), a wound care and regenerative medicine company, said it has entered into a strategic commercial partnership with GHD GesundHeits GmbH Deutschland to distribute Acelity's Advanced Wound Dressings portfolio (AWD) known under Systagenix in Germany. The partnership with GHD, the largest provider of homecare services in Germany, offers Acelity access to GHD's breadth of customers in both acute and post-acute care settings.

GHD has a proven track record of partnering with manufacturers to increase access-to-care by offering integrated, high-quality healthcare services for customers and patients. Under the terms of the agreement, GHD will be exclusively responsible for the distribution of all Acelity AWD products, including Tielle, Adaptic Touch, Silvercel and Promogran/Promogran Prisma in Germany.

Nxstage Medical, Spindial in hemodialysis partnership

Nxstage Medical (Lawrence, Mass.), a manufacturer of dialysis products and Spindial (Parma, Italy), a distributor of renal care products in Italy, reported a new partnership with the Niguarda-Ca' Granda hospital in Milan, Italy to help assist hemodialysis patients, including both current Nxstage patients and non-Nxstage patients, who wish to travel to Milan.

Through this partnership and under the guidance and prescription of their physicians and the support and coordination of their treating dialysis clinics, in-center hemodialysis patients may have the opportunity to travel to Milan and access therapy using the Nxstage System One at the Milan hospital.

The hospital's staff will administer treatments to these dialysis patients consistent with the prescription using the System One. In addition, while the portability of the System One enables Nxstage patients to perform their treatments while traveling, this partnership may provide them the additional options of performing their treatments at the travel destination in Milan with a System One provided by the hospital, or at the hospital under the guidance of their trained staff. //