BSD marks treatment at Grosshadern

BSD Medical (Salt Lake City), a provider of medical systems that use heat therapy to treat cancer, said that Grosshadern University Medical Center (Munich) celebrated 25 years of improving the outcome of cancer patients using hyperthermia.

During the celebration commemorating this significant milestone, the head of the Grosshadern hyperthermia unit, Rolf Issels, MD, reported that the center has delivered 10,600 hyperthermia treatments. Issels said, “The encouraging results of the first treatments of soft tissue sarcomas with hyperthermia and chemotherapy led to the Phase III trial that showed a clear benefit for adding hyperthermia to standard chemotherapy. We will continue our efforts to improve the outcome of cancer treatments using hyperthermia. Our next Phase III trial on the treatment of pancreatic cancer with hyperthermia combined with chemotherapy will start in the near future.“

The team of physicians, engineers and nursing staff, headed by Issels, started delivering hyperthermia using BSD's hyperthermia systems in 1986. Grosshadern has three BSD hyperthermia systems installed in the hyperthermia unit, including the first hyperthermia system combined with MRI for non-invasive treatment monitoring.