A Medical Device Daily

Nova Biomedical (Waltham, Massachusetts), a developer of whole blood analyzers, reported that the company's independent, wholly owned subsidiary, Sanvita CBGM has completed the acquisition of certain assets of Sanvita, Inc., a subsidiary of CCS Medical (Clearwater, Florida).

Nova is the sole manufacturer, and through this transaction, Nova's Consumer Blood Glucose Monitoring (CBGM) subsidiary has become the exclusive distributor, of the NovaMax consumer blood glucose product line in the U.S.

"We are excited to have completed the highly complementary acquisition of these assets of Sanvita, Inc., which allows our CBGM subsidiary to assume full control of the distribution of our NovaMax brand," said Francis Manganaro, president/CEO of Nova Biomedical. "We are confident that this transaction better positions Nova Biomedical and Sanvita CBGM to streamline the development and delivery of NovaMax products for the benefit of customers. Together with the recent success of Nova Biomedical's hospital glucose monitor business, StatStrip, the company is better positioned to further improve its overall glucose monitoring business. We also look forward to continuing our partnership with CCS Medical and to a seamless integration of the NovaMax distribution business into Sanvita CBGM."

In other dealmaking activity, Medifacts International (Rockville, Maryland) a global cardiovascular core lab, reported that it has completed the integration of the Clinical Trial Services (CTS) unit of SpaceLabs (Issaquah, Washington),forming the largest supplier of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in the world.

Now that it is fully integrated with CTS, Medifacts will provide the greatest array of cardiac safety services in the marketplace, it said. In addition to ABPM, Medifacts provides service, technology and expertise in ECG evaluation as an endpoint (QT, LVH), holter monitoring, pacing, office blood pressure, T-SMBP, central hemodynamics, glucose monitoring, spirometry and many other services critical to the success of clinical trials.

Medifacts reported the acquisition of CTS back in June (Medical Device Daily, June 25, 2009).