IntuiSkin launches IOMA locations

IntuiSkin (Durham, North Carolina) reported the launch of its first U.S. flagship locations for its IOMA Concepts. The very first IntuiSkin flagship locations include the Iatria Spa and Health Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, Fearrington Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, Natura Medspa in Parkland, Florida, and San Diego Beauty Academy in Poway, California.

IntuiSkin technology provides actual measurements of a patient's skin condition and then stores the data for retrieval at a later date, allowing dermatologists and plastic surgeons to make recommendations for treatment and measure the effectiveness of that treatment over time. Sandra Fearrington, MD, of Fearrington Plastic Surgery, said: "Until now, photography was our primary source of skincare analysis and documentation, which is relatively subjective. The unique new IntuiSkin System provides objective data which is independent of the user. Our patients and clients know that they will directly benefit from the newest technology available for skincare analysis, which is now only available at the flagship locations, and a few select others in the U.S. We also have the unique opportunity to use the IntuiSkin technology to measure the effectiveness of our other services."