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Buyology (New York) said it has received a strategic investment from Hakuhodo (Tokyo), one of the largest marketing services groups in Japan.

"Hakuhodo's investment in Buyology demonstrates the strategic alignment between the two companies to rapidly expand the application of non-conscious tools to measure and manage the emotional dimensions of decision-making. Neuroscience is rapidly understanding that emotion trumps logic in buying decisions and today business is not effectively tapping into 85% of what really drives customers', employees', shareholders' and other key influencers' choices and decisions," said Gary Singer, CEO of Buyology.

Buyology is a privately held neuroscience marketing firm serving Fortune 100 companies to rigorously measure and manage non-conscious decision-making. The company claims to own the world's largest proprietary database of brain scans that was started by Buyology Chairman Martin Lindstrom.

Hakuhodo provides marketing and communications services and solutions, and has 68 offices in 17 countries/regions.

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