• Bioject Medical Technologies (Portland, Oregon) said that the FDA has granted market clearance for the Zetajet Needle-Free Injection Therapy System. The Zetajet is a compact, spring-powered, needle-free injection device. It is intended to deliver vaccines and injectable medications either subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The Zetajet uses jet force to propel a finely dispersed stream of injectable medication into the subcutaneous or intramuscular tissue without the use of a needle. The syringe assembly has an "auto-disable" feature that prevents re-use of the syringe. The plunger is pre-assembled into the syringe and can be used for reconstitution and other pre-injection tasks.

A suite of cataract surgery solutions, including diagnostics for pre- and post- treatment as well as implantable intraocular lenses (IOLs) and disposables, were showcased at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting in San Francisco by Carl Zeiss Meditec (Dublin, California), a leader in complete ophthalmic systems including IOLs and disposables. The portfolio includes: IOLMaster This non-invasive biometry system measures axial length, corneal curvature and anterior chamber depth. OPMI Lumera and OPMI Lumera i The microscopes enables clinicians to see the eye in unprecedented detail. Visalis 100 This new phaco-emulsification system enables the surgical removal of the natural, diseased lens from the eye during cataract surgery. AT.LISA and AT.LISAtoric Implanted through incisions of less than 1.5 mm, these are the first intraocular lenses for true micro incision refractive cataract surgery.

• IntuiSkin (Durham, North Carolina) has launched operations for its IOMA Concepts in the U.S. IntuiSkin has two main products, Skin Evidence for IOMA and IOMA Derm. The company said that Skin Evidence serves as a bridge between the laboratory and the skin. Dermatologists, dermato-cosmeticians, plastic surgeons and other skincare specialists can use this product in their clinics and offices. Skin Evidence uses technology developed by scientists to measure subtle changes in the skin, giving the skincare professions who use the product a distinct competitive advantage over their competitors. Skin Evidence includes sensors, imaging technologies, integrated electronics and complex algorithms to analyze the skin so that skincare professionals may understand and quantify the reactions of the skin. There are five categories of IOMA Derm products. The Alpha Skincare products provide hydration, the Sigma products provide regeneration/anti-aging, the Delta products provide lightening; Zeta products provide sebum regulation and the Omega Skincare products reduce inflammation and rosacea.

• Lawson Software (St. Paul, Minnesota) reported the availability of Lawson S3 Point of Use, a software application that helps keep healthcare supplies in stock while providing tools to more accurately capture patient charges. Lawson S3 Point of Use uses a system that can be accessed via touch screen and scanner, with a hand-held device or through a standard desktop computer. Nurses may prefer to use a touch-screen and barcode scanner to record the supplies they pull for patients from supply closets within a healthcare facility. Or, they may prefer to use a handheld to readily scan supplies as they use them at a patient's bedside. In either case, materials managers can monitor and manage replenishment to help ensure that supplies are replenished in a timely fashion.

• NextGen Healthcare Information (Horsham, Pennsylvania) reported the availability of its subscription-based, software as a service (SaaS) model. Through this model, which is designed for smaller practices, providers can access the NextGen EHR (Electronic Health Record) or NextGen EPM (Enterprise Practice Management) products for a monthly subscription. With a NextGen EHR subscription, providers have access to patient education content, drug and allergy data from First Data Bank, and e-prescribing and formulary checking through NextGen Healthcare's medication management feature.

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