• Cayenne Medical (Boston) said that a new Harvard clinical study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM) found that Cayenne's AperFix System and "Single Tunnel, Double Bundle" ACL reconstruction technique better resembles the natural, intact ACL when compared to the more common, "Single-Bundle" technique. In the study, eight fresh-frozen human cadaveric knee specimens were tested at Harvard using a robotic testing system to investigate the response of the knee joint under various stresses and conditions. Of the conditions tested, the Cayenne Single-Tunnel, Double-Bundle ACL reconstruction proved to most resemble the natural, intact ACL and showed significantly superior kinematic results compared to the single-bundle reconstruction. These results are an accomplishment of the AperFix technology, which provides surgeons with aperture fixation, superior pullout strength and active, circumferential tendon compression.

• ContextVision (Stockholm, Sweden) said it has added a new version of its X-ray tuning software, GOPView XR2-T. The new version of GOPView XR2-T allows for fine adjustment of the image quality in digital X-ray images. XR2-T enables users to set their specific preferences for the post-processing of X-ray images. With XR2-T, the images can be tuned to suit the personal preferences of individual customers, whether that is an increased focus on the small details or a decrease in noise and artifacts. The new GOPView XR2-T features two separate modes, image and feature, which accommodates two primary user groups: imaging experts and radiologists.

• Covidien (Boulder, Colorado) said it has gained FDA clearance for the Nellcor OxiMax N-600x pulse oximeter with OxiMax SPD alert for adults. The OxiMax SPD feature enables the pulse oximeter to detect and alert clinicians of worrisome oxygen desaturation patterns, allowing them to make timely and more informed decisions about patient care.

Diagnostic Hybrids (Athens, Ohio) reported the release of its D3 DFA Metapneumovirus Identification Kit for the U.S. market. The kit detects and identifies human metapneumovirus (MPV) from nasal and nasopharyngeal swabs, aspirates and washes using patent-pending MPV monoclonal antibodies. The D3 DFA Metapneumovirus Identification Kit can be used in direct testing of patient specimens with results in as fast as 15 minutes, or in cell culture with the patented R-Mix and R-Mix Too Mixed FreshCells cell culture systems for overnight results. The system includes the R-Mix and R-Mix Too mixed cell culture systems which allow for the rapid isolation of MPV in cell culture, and now the D3 DFA Metapneumovirus Identification Kit. The complete respiratory testing system, including additional D3 DFA respiratory testing kits, is available in the U.S., Canada, and select international markets.

• eCardio Diagnostics (The Woodlands, Texas) has launched an Academic Medicine initiative to provide a tailored offering to university-based health systems. The eCardio Academic Medicine service offers: a web platform to address academic flow for patient management; 24-hour monitoring by eCardio's eLab, an independent diagnostic testing facility; and complimentary arrhythmia monitors, including extended monitors, cardiac event monitors and Holter monitors.

• Imaging Diagnostic Systems (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) said that it has enhanced its CT Laser Mammography (CTLM) system with a reconstruction algorithm that improves visualization of angiogenesis (cancer) in its images. During a CTLM examination the breast is illuminated by a laser and the transmitted light is collected by a series of photo detectors and transformed into digital data. The reconstruction algorithm uses this data to create the various images of the breasts. The improved algorithm enhances the images by reducing the number of artifacts occasionally produced during an examination thereby making diagnosis easier.

InterCure (New York) said that RESPeRATE, its blood pressure treatment device, is now being sold in 100 Boots Pharmacy stores throughout the UK. The device uses the body's natural tendency to follow external rhythms, interactively guiding the user to effortlessly reduce their breathing rate to a "therapeutic zone" of less than 10 breaths per minute. The breathing exercises with RESPeRATE relax the constricted muscles surrounding the small blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow more freely and yielding a significant and lasting reduction of blood pressure within weeks.

• Masimo (Irvine, California) said that a new clinical study demonstrates that Masimo PVI accurately and reliably reflects acute changes in intravascular fluid volume (preload). Assessing whether a patient needs fluid to increase their cardiac index (amount of blood the heart pumps each minute) is one of the biggest challenges anesthesiologists face during surgery. PVI is available as part of Masimo Rainbow SET Pulse CO-Oximetry a noninvasive patient monitoring platform that measures multiple blood constituents and helps to predict fluid responsiveness in patients previously requiring invasive procedures. Masimo Rainbow SET is the first upgradable noninvasive blood constituent monitoring technology platform capable of continuously and noninvasively measuring total hemoglobin, oxygen content, carboxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, and pleth variability index, in addition to oxyhemoglobin, pulse rate, and perfusion index.

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