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Karl Storz Endoscopy-America (El Segundo, California) a developer of advanced endoscopy technologies and operating room integration solutions, reported that it has acquired Global Care Quest (GCQ; Aliso Viejo, California) for an undisclosed amount. The company will be a new business unit of Karl Storz.

Founded in 2005, GCQ is the developer of ICIS (Integrated Clinical Information System), which performs real-time integration and delivery of disparate forms of digital medical information.

"Karl Storz has had a marketing agreement with GCQ since 2006," said Charles Wilhelm, president/COO. "Our acquisition of the company now expands our vision for providing true interoperability across OR technologies. The addition of ICIS technology to the OR1 system enables us to deliver intuitive and highly effective access to an extended range of patient data, clinical images and other relevant information in real time."

ICIS is a software solution that "reaches out" over hospital networks to a wide range of information sources. Vital patient information is gathered into one coordinated display, the ICIS Dashboard. The visual display is a customizable set of windows that practitioners can configure to suit clinical needs and specific preferences.

Remote access also is provided by ICIS Mobile, which allows the same patient information to be viewed and controlled via secure Web access or using a hand-held device over a cellular network. In this way, ICIS enables surgeons to stay connected with clinical activities through real-time integration and delivery of patient records, charting, bedside monitoring data, and laboratory results.

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