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The government of the Canadian province of Ontario is supporting biomedical research by matching renowned University of Toronto cell biologist Dr. Anthony Pawson's $500,000 Kyoto Prize.

Pawson conducts research at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto). His discoveries have been instrumental in the fight against diseases including diabetes and cancer.

His work has also led to the development of a new generation of drugs that stop the growth of diseases like cancer. He is one of the first Canadians to receive the Kyoto Prize.

Supporting world-class research is part of the Ontario government's Innovation Agenda and five-point plan for growing its economy.

"Ontario is proud to recognize Dr. Pawson for his groundbreaking work," said Minister of Research and Innovation John Wilkinson. "I am pleased to once again demonstrate our government's commitment to science by investing in Ontario's greatest asset – our people. It is their imagination, talent, skills and hard work today that will strengthen our economy, improve our lives and create good jobs for the future."

"This enlightened support is essential to maintain the outstanding quality of biomedical research in Ontario, and to promote the careers of outstanding young scientists who will be the research leaders of the future," said Pawson.

The Kyoto Prize, similar in intent to the Nobel Prize, recognizes outstanding work in the fields of philosophy, arts, basic sciences and technology.

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