Neurostar rebrands as AccelaRAD

AccelaRAD (Atlanta) reported its corporate rebranding from Neurostar Solutions to its new name, AccelaRAD.

The company said it chose AccelaRAD as its new brand name to manifest its strategic evolution toward offerings that enhance radiology performance. The company says that the new name more accurately reflects its focus on software-based services engineered to accelerate the success of radiology groups.

AccelaRAD gives radiology groups higher levels of automation, throughput and marketplace reach, enabling faster growth and greater operational efficiencies. An individual group radiologist can read, expertly visualize and complete more imaging studies involving multiple sites, hospitals and imaging centers and do so from any location.

AccelaRAD offers a virtual, automated platform for completing radiology work in almost any complex environment. Radiologists simply "plug-in" to the service network and focus on what he or she was trained to do in medical school and the radiology group does not have to waste time and money on information

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