A Medical Device Daily

Menssana Research (Fort Lee, New Jersey) has placed an additional order with Electronic Sensor Technology (EST; Newbury Park, California), a provider of innovative homeland security, environmental and healthcare solutions.

Michael Phillips, a medical innovator who uses breath analysis to screen for pulmonary diseases, founded Menssana Research. He has used the zNose vapor analyzer to analyze breath samples for biomarkers for lung cancer, breast cancer, heart transplant rejection and pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

EST said that it believes the pioneering work of Phillips in the field of pre-screening will save many lives through early detection.

Teong Lim, CEO of EST, said, "EST is very excited to work with Menssana Research on this important humanitarian effort. We look forward to continuing this rewarding work."

In other agreements/contracts news:

• Kaplan EduNeering (Princeton, New Jersey), a provider of compliance and knowledge management solutions, and the FDA have expanded their Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to support the educational needs of government regulatory agencies outside the U.S. using unique technology and content specific to FDA regulations. Other U.S. government agencies will also benefit by the ability to share consistent education relevant to the needs of their constituents.

The expanded agreement enables the use of the ComplianceWire technology to extend access to regulators outside the U.S. ComplianceWire is Kaplan EduNeering's web-based 21 CFR Part 11 technology that enables the distribution, validation of receipt, testing and documentation of all learning activities.

• Nuance Communications (Burlington, Massachusetts) said that the U.S. Army Medical Department recently purchased Dragon Medical for 10,000 of its physicians, bringing the total number of caregivers worldwide using Dragon Medical to more than 90,000. Dragon Medical is real-time medical speech recognition software.