ReBuilder changes name to American Med Tech

ReBuilder Medical Technologies (Charlestown, West Virginia), a provider of electronic and silver-based treatments for diabetic peripheral neuropathy and Molluscum contagiosum, reported it is in the process of changing its name to American Med Tech.

"In an effort to ferret out the suspected naked short sellers and to get an accurate investor count to help our stock price accurately reflect its real value, we are changing the name of the company," said David Phillips, PhD CEO.

AWT gets approval to change name to ACC

Advanced Wound Technologies Mid-Atlantic (Red Bank, New Jersey) reported that it has received approval from Nasdaq to change its name to American CryoStem (AMCY) and complete a one-for-200 reverse split of its common stock.

American CryoStem plans to focus on the business of collecting, processing and long-term storage of stem cells. The company believes these services will allow individuals to privately preserve their stem cells for potential future use in cell therapy. To effectuate its business plan the company will need to raise additional capital.

The effective date for the reverse stock split was close of business Feb. 2. As a result of the reverse stock split, every 200 shares of the company's common stock that were issued and outstanding as of market close on that date were automatically combined into one issued and outstanding new share of common stock. All fractional shares created as a result of the reverse stock split will round up to a full share of stock.