A Medical Device Daily

MedAvant Healthcare Solutions (Santa Ana, California) reported signing an agreement with Claimsnet.com(Dallas) to provide a private-label, real-time portal for Claimsnet providers.

"By partnering with MedAvant, we will be able to help our providers enhance staff productivity and ultimately improve cash flow – a must in today's market of tightening margins," said Gary Austin, president and COO of Claimsnet. "Our clients will experience faster, error-free claims submissions leading to reduced A/R days and expedited payments."

Using the MedAvant Premium Services Portal will enable Claimsnet to provide real-time eligibility and claims status transaction capabilities to its providers. Real-time eligibility verifies a patient's insurance and benefits coverage electronically, which helps providers increase up-front collections, reduce manual verification of insurance information, improve the accuracy of bills and streamline workflow. Providers can also use the MedAvant portal to quickly determine the status of a claim and establish if it is pending, in review or rejected.

"We are proud to partner with Claimsnet and offer its providers time-saving applications that will allow them to operate more efficiently and improve the financial health of their practices," said Andrew Lawson, president of MedAvant. "The MedAvant portal will extend Claimsnet's claims processing capabilities and provide clients a more complete service offering."

In other agreements/contracts news:

•Ultra Clean Technology (Hayward, California) and FEI (Hillsboro, Oregon) said they have signed a global supplier agreement under which Ultra Clean will provide hosted manufacturing services in FEI's Hillsboro facility. It also is anticipated that Ultra Clean's Asia operations will be used to produce some FEI sub-assemblies.

The two companies are targeting 1Q09 for transfer of current product lines to Ultra Clean Technology operations.

•Emageon (Birmingham, Alabama) reported that it has been awarded a five-year HeartSuite VERICIS cardiology contract with MultiCare Health System (Tacoma, Washington), an integrated health organization made up of four hospitals in the Greater Tacoma area. This follows MultiCare's unveiling of the new Tacoma General Heart Hospital on Nov. 15.

The agreement comes after an extensive RFP process which evaluated major as well as several smaller and newer cardiology information and imaging solutions. Emageon was awarded the final contract to supply its VERICIS digital PACS and HeartSuite hemodynamics solution for four cath labs, including one in which Emageon's Pediatric Echo IMS product will be installed.

The HeartSuite VERICIS solution will enable MultiCare to now digitally process its cardiology PACS studies and cath/echo structured reporting for echocardiography.

•Manhattan Scientifics (New York) said that it successfully completed and entered into an exclusive license agreement with the Los Alamos National Laboratory (Los Alamos, New Mexico). This new agreement pertains to the improved manufacturing techniques and medical use applications for Los Alamos National Laboratory's nano-structured metals and alloys technology.

Manhattan Scientifics recently reported FDA approval of its nano-titanium dental implants. Manhattan Scientifics' Metallicum division is planning to manufacture these nano-titanium implants at Danlin Products (Albuquerque, New Mexico).