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Eclipsys (Atlanta) reported that Children's Health System (CHS; Birmingham, Alabama), one of the 10 busiest pediatric medical centers in the country, has selected Eclipsys to create an advanced clinical information technology platform for a new, fully digital expansion facility.

As part of its initiative to create a state-of-the-art facility to help deliver the highest levels of pediatric patient safety amid a growing patient population, CHS will deploy Eclipsys' acute care, pharmacy, medication management and evidence-based clinical documentation solutions.

In combination, these integrated applications will help to create a closed loop medication management process, support complex dosing protocols, as well as more standardized care delivery across multiple sites to improve the quality and efficiency of pediatric care.

"Children's Health System's goal is to provide accurate, timely clinical data from anywhere so we can deliver the very best possible care to our patients," said Pamela Atkins, division director, IT & HIPAA security officer, Children's Health System. "We envision doing this by implementing the Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager suite, in particular its medication management solutions. By jump-starting this project using Sunrise Clinical Essentials, we should be able to start seeing benefits in as little as nine months."

CHS has selected Eclipsys' integrated applications, Sunrise Acute Care, Sunrise Pharmacy, Sunrise Medication Management, and Sunrise Knowledge-Based Charting, all of which are part of Eclipsys' Sunrise Enterprise suite of solutions that reside on the Eclipsys XA extended architecture.

In addition to other safety and quality-of-care benefits, the hospital plans to take advantage of the XA architecture to connect to its total perinatal nutrition calculator, enabling clinicians to perform the highly-complex dosing required for certain pediatric patients within the closed-loop medication management system.

Plans call for the hospital to activate Eclipsys' computer physician order entry solution in existing campus facilities a year prior to the completion of the new construction to support its cultural and process transformation.

In other agreements and contracts news, Teleflex Medical (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina) has been awarded a new respiratory care agreement with HealthTrust Purchasing Group (Brentwood, Tennessee).

This new three-year agreement, effective Nov. 15, provides the HealthTrust membership access to Hudson RCI products and services, and includes new products designed to maximize clinician efficiency and improve patient safety.

Products covered by the agreement include ventilator disposable products, routine respiratory disposables, and aerosol therapy disposables.