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The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT; Chicago) has reported newly certified Inpatient (hospital-based) and Emergency Department electronic health record (EHR) products, as well as a special Enterprise EHR certification for vendors that provide comprehensive Ambulatory, Inpatient and Emergency Department EHRs that are interoperable.

"The commission has raised the bar again for 2008," said Mark Leavitt, MD, PhD, chair of CCHIT. "Our Inpatient EHR standards have been updated, with new requirements including the ability to exchange medication and allergy information electronically, eliminating a major source of potential error as patients enter or leave the hospital."

He added: "New this year is our certification of Emergency Department EHRs, and certified ED systems have undergone a rigorous testing process tailored to this demanding care setting. Finally, vendors achieving Enterprise certification have met the very highest standards, with certified products for Ambulatory, Inpatient, and Emergency Department settings that are all demonstrated to be interoperable."

Three certified Emergency Department EHR products include ASAP Emergency Department Information System, Version: Spring 2008, by Epic Systems (Verona, Wisconsin); EmergisoftED, Version: 5.1, by Emergisoft (Arlington, Texas); and Wellsoft, Version: v11, by Wellsoft (Somerset, New Jersey).

Two other products from Epic Systems have received certification — EpicCare Clinical Inpatient System, Version: Spring 2008, as an Inpatient EHR product and EpicCare Enterprise Clinical System, Version: Spring 2008, as an Enterprise product.

CCHIT said applications are open for 08 certification of Ambulatory EHRs with options for additional certification in Child Health and Cardiovascular Medicine; Inpatient EHRs; Emergency Department EHRs; and Enterprise EHRs. Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2009.

Applications are also being accepted for Health Information Exchange 09 certification through Aug. 16, 2009.