Aradigm (Hayward, California) reported the results of a clinical trial of inhaled treprostinil in Aradigm's palm-size AERx Essence inhaler. Data from the study showed that the AERx Essence inhaler efficiently delivered aerosolized treprostinil deeper into the lung than delivery by the OPTINEB nebulizer. Inhaled treprostinil was well tolerated from both delivery systems, and no serious adverse events were reported in the study. The AERx Essence inhaler is an easy-to-use inhalation device that is expected to deliver medication to the patient in two to four breaths, significantly reducing the burden of therapy for PAH patients.

The iPosture, a posture improvement device developed by neurologist Moacir Schnapp, MD (Memphis, Tennessee), is now available for purchase in the U.S. The small device, first announced in August, was created to serve as an aid to men and women in improving their posture. Worn as a pendant, clipped to clothing or adhered directly to the skin, the iPosture begins improving a user's posture by vibrating intermittently when the user slouches and con

Masimo (Irvine, California) has introduced a new SofTouch disposable pulse oximetry sensor developed specifically for the fragile skin and size of extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants (less than 500 grams to 1,000 grams). The LNCS SofTouch NeoPt-500 sensor is designed to fit ELBW babies and features special soft foam and non-adhesive attachments to prevent injury to even the most sensitive skin of premature infants. Masimo says that the LNCS SofTouch NeoPt-500 is the first non-adhesive pulse oximetry sensor made specifically for the needs of newborns weighing down to 500 grams or less. At just 20 mm in size, the NeoPt-500 has dimensions that are smaller than typical neonatal sensors. This means that the distance between the emitter and detector on the NeoPt-500 is much smaller — enabling the sensor to fit better and more securely on the tiniest hand or foot.

Medtronic (Minneapolis) said that new 24-month data from a study published in the scientific journal, Neurosurgery, show that spinal cord stimulation (neurostimulation therapy) provides sustained, significant improvement in otherwise intractable, chronic leg pain, quality of life and functional capacity out to 24 months of therapy. Supported by Medtronic, this neurostimulation study followed patients with chronic neuropathic leg and back pain who received spinal cord stimulation therapy along with conventional medical management to compare the results to patients who received conventional medical management alone. The results showed that positive results are sustained in patients who received Medtronic neurostimulation therapy plus conventional treatments at 24 months. Spinal cord stimulation therapy uses an implantable medical device similar to a pacemaker to deliver electrical pulses to the epidural space in order to interrupt pain signals traveling through the nervous system from reaching the brain.

• Osmetech (London) reported the launch of a genetic test for CYP450 2C9 drug metabolism. CYP450 2C9, or CYP2C9, is a member of the Cytochrome P450 family of enzymes responsible for detoxifying potentially hazardous chemicals, such as drugs, that are "foreign" to the body. CYP2C9 polymorphisms result in a decrease or loss of enzyme activity, which can influence the appropriate dosage of the prescribed drug. The CYP2C9 test is important in optimizing the dosage of drugs or the selection of alternative drugs. Moreover, during the development of new drugs metabolized by CYP2C9, genetic tests assist in the appropriate selection of patients for clinical trials and the optimization of dosage for those patients based on their ability to metabolize the drug.

Unilens Vision (Largo, Florida) reported the launch of the C-VUE Advanced custom toric lens. The C-VUE Advanced custom toric lens will be sold directly to independent eyecare professionals. C-VUE is available in new blister packaging with hioxifilcon D, a material which offers advanced hydration properties that allow it to retain 97% of its moisture resulting in all day comfort. The company says the C-VUE is an easy-to-fit specialty toric contact lens, designed in "an extremely wide range of customizable parameters with exceptional deliverability."